I Love to Be a Missionary

I´m kind of without words. I can´t come to believe that I am writing what may very well be the last email of my mission (next week I won´t have a P-day. It definitely hasn´t sunk in yet and I don´t think it will until about two weeks after I get home.

I LOVE being a missionary. I was reading the talk, “Become a Consecrated Missionary” by Tad R. Callister when I came across a quote from the biography of Parley P. Pratt. Parley P. Pratt served a mission for more than 25 YEARS. However, as he was returning home to his family after opening the area of Chile to the gospel, Brigham Young called him to serve a mission in the Eastern States. He expressed his feeling in his journal, which were something like this.

“After having served the Lord for 25 years in many diverse parts of the world, I would have liked to have had a season to visit my family and close friends, who suffered much in my absence. However, if the Lord sees fit to call me to be his authorized servant until my last day of this mortal existence, I will feel privileged and honored to bear His holy name. I will have the eternities to enjoy myself, but until then my work is not complete.”

I feel like I identify a lot with this quote right now. Perhaps I wasn´t always a perfect missionary. I have tried without success many times in these two short years. But I have felt the loving hands of the Savior transforming me and molding and changing my nature.

If there is one thing that I can say with a surety now more than ever, it is that I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know that according to our faith, our worthy obedience,and our humility, he can perform ceaseless miracles in our lives. I feel like before my mission I learned about all of the principles of the gospel individually, but now I have had the opportunity to live them and have felt how they work together to transform the human soul.

Many people in our day say that we cannot change. I was “born this way” and I am destined to be the wretched man that I am. But the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches the opposing and light-filled truth that we can and must change, because we have the potential to become like our Heavenly Father.

This week I don´t have any experiences to share. I feel like every experience I have had in this week has been a testimony to the things that I felt and learned.

I love my family. I don´t have words to describe how much that love has grown. Happy Birthday, Dad! Happy Fathers Day! Happy Birthday, Hyrum and Isaiah and Isaac!


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