Last Zone Conference of the Mission

This week passed by like lightning! I can´t believe it is JUNE!!!!! (Seriously, June? What is happening?)

On Friday we had an AWESOME mission conference. We were supposed to have Zone Conferences this week, but President Dalton is notorious for doing something crazy last minute, so the whole mission met together on Friday. HIS mission president, who was mission president of the SAME MISSION (34-35 years ago when there were 6 missions in Brasil instead of 30) spoke to us and some of his ex-companions sang. That night they were having a mission reunion in the chapel of the stake center by the mission office, so there were a lot of missionaries from 30 years ago. It was an incredible and spiritual experience. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I almost cried when I realized it would be my last “Zone Conference” of my mission. It will be something that I will miss A LOT from the mission.

Saturday, we had an incredible family home evening in a member´s home. We did a “Couples Night”, because we are teaching a lot of young couples. I´m pretty sure it was the best family home evening I have ever done. Even more in São Paulo than practically anyplace in the world, married couples don´t have a lot of opportunities to “go on a date”. And people have even less opportunities to feel the spirit. The two combined=instant conversion. I love teaching families. I have been praying for a LONG time that the Lord would help us find prepared families to teach, specifically families with a mother and a father in the home. And even though He might not respond on our timetable, The Lord most certainly answers our prayers.

That is about it this week.

PS. 14 or 15 of June I need to sign up for my classes at BYU-Idaho. I´m not even sure what classes I should take or from who or exactly what I should do. I entered the website, but I can´t go to website because the computers in this internet cafe are less than optimal. Help?

PPS. I will have one more opportunity to go to the temple on my mission and President Dalton asked all of us to take a family name again. I know it is a little bit of work, but I would be really grateful if somebody could prepare a name for me. (I already did the names Lacey prepared. Thanks again!)