Gaining the Trust of the Ward

The area that I am serving in, Jacira, has had a lot of problems in the past with “miscommunications” between members and missionaries. In other words, when I got here to the ward, the members weren´t huge fans of the missionaries, which is absolutely the WORST situation possible to be able to help the church to grow. I mean, the members are the people that really find the people who are most prepared to receive the gospel.

These past two weeks, we have seen how we have gained that trust. The members ask us when they can go on visits with us. They ask us to have family home evenings in their house with their friends. They ask us if we can teach their friends. I have learned a LOT in this area about how we can effectively work with the members of the ward. I think there are three basic things that help:

1. ALWAYS CONFIRM LUNCH APPOINTMENTS. (and get to lunch on time)

2. Work close to the member´s houses and pray that God prepares the people that live in their neighborhood.

3. Plan Family Home Evenings in the members´ homes.

These three things seem so simple. But there is such a magic in them. These past two weeks we found various new investigators who are LIFE-LONG friends of members. We had incredibly spiritual experiences with these people, and when we asked them if they knew any member of the church nearby they say, “Yeah. Brother Brown was the best man at my wedding.” “Yeah. His daughter is married to my son” or something of the type. Afterwards, we pass in the homes of these members to share the sacred experience that we had with these people. Every members hopes that their friends will join the church. Many members invite. But for some reason, these people don´t respond. Everyone responds like this “Some Sunday I will”. I have seen in these weeks the joy in the faces and hearts of the members as we brought them to their best friends´ homes and felt the spirit with someone they thought would never accept the invitation to go to church.

This was a good week. It is SO GOOD to work with the ward.

Eu amo todo mundo!


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