MTC District and Spokane North Stake: 22 months later

This week was awesome and encouraging and inspiring and discouraging and everything. But it was a good week.

Ivone and Luiz, the last active couple that I talked about last week (Ivone forgets everything, remember?) went to church on Sunday. It was awesome. We had already talked a lot with the ward leaders about the family, and when they got to church they were welcomed by everyone. She already talked to the relief society president and will make lunch for us this week. I am so impressed by her faith. She doesn´t even remember that she was baptized or anything about the church, but she is willing to believe and to serve because she knows that she believed and she served.

Also, the son of another part-member family we are teaching (just the mom is a member… and inactive 14 years… the husband and kids…not yet) named Miguel bore his testimony in sacrament meeting on Sunday. It was awesome. He talked about how his life changed the moment he started to learn about the gospel and he invited everyone to his baptism on May 17th. His mom started crying. We just need to get his dad to come to church!!!

Last Sunday, we received a miracle referral. We were leaving the church when a car honked at us. A couple from another ward yelled at us “Are you the missionaries that work in Jardim das Oliveiras”. After our affirmative response, they told us, “You have to visit our niece and her husband! They are getting married in June and they want to get baptized!” Without thinking twice, we took down their information and went to this referral´s house. It really was a miracle that they passed missionaries in the street that live in the same road as their niece. We should have left the church a lot sooner, but we had to help the ward secretary and the very moment that we left the church property, they passed us. To make a long story short, and a LOT of searching, we found this family, Alex and Aline. They are awesome. There isn´t much else to say about them other than that.

Also, we had a meeting with Bishop Caussé this week. It was an incredibly spiritual experience. We had the meeting together with the São Paulo South mission. I had the opportunity to talk to Elder Starr and Elder Palmer afterward. It was kind of a surreal experience.

The missionaries from our MTC district (The Provo MTC).


Elder Palmer, Me, and Elder Starr

We had a special meeting with Bispo Caussé with the mission São Paulo Sul (their mission) and so we had an awesome opportunity to talk for a few seconds afteward. I can´t believe it has already been so long! It seems like we were in the MTC two months ago!

I love everyone. This week was good and I know that this coming week will be even better.

Até mais!

PS Mom. Our ward is 2pm-5pm. I probably won´t call until 6:30 or 7:00 PM Brasil time, maybe later, depending on who calls first, me or my companion. I think 6:30 PM here is 2:30 in Spokane, right?

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