A Breath of Fresh Air

This week, around Tuesday or Wednesday, I was feeling horrible. Not physically, more spiritually. Emotionally. I felt like I was failing in our area, that I was doing about 10% of what I have been able to do in the past.

However, this week we had Interviews/Training with President Dalton and I also had the opportunity to do a few exchanges with other missionaries. I felt the spirit a LOT during those few days and I learned that to be humble means to be HAPPY with the circumstance in which we are in. To trust in the Lord´s timing more than ours. I certainly have learned a lot. I have passed through a lot of experiences that I never would have asked for but now I am grateful that I passed through them. I feel like I have learned to appreciate the trials and the difficulties in our life.

Also, I felt the spirit of the temple in the work throughout the week. I felt that there were people working on the other side of the veil, helping to realize miracles in the lives of the people we are teaching.

This week we decided to focus a LOT in less-active work. Not that we weren´t focusing in it before, but we decided to trust a lot more in the promises that our mission president has made about the power of “The Rescue”. We visited a lady whose named was on the list of members. Her named is Ivone. When we got to her house she said, “HOW DID YOU FIND ME? NOBODY EVER TRIED TO FIND ME!” She eagerly invited us to return to her house the next day because she was locked in her house. The nexted day, on our arrival, she welcomed us in and began to tell her story. About two years ago, Ivone had a stroke. In this stroke, she forgot 38 years of her life. When she had the stroke, her husband took her to the hospital in his car (faster than ambulance here). On the road, she looked at her husband and said, “WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?” She jumped out of the car and ran away. She could only remember until her 17th birthday, and she literally thought she was 17 years old. She forgot that she was married, she forgot that she was a member of the church, she forgot EVERYTHING. For those of you that have seen 50 First Dates, that movie is her life. She often wakes up and forgets everything. Her husband explains her life to her almost every day. Now, she has stabilized and doesn´t forget her life day by day, but she still has no memory of 38 years of her life. We will have the opportunity to re-teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with her son and daughter-in-law, who aren´t members.


Have a great week! I love everyone!

One thought on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful week with all the realizations and strength that heaven is sending you.
    I have been enjoying your letters that are forwarded to me. You are awesome! Its true, trials are hard, but they are so necessary that we eagerly accepted Heavenly Father’s plan for us to have them. Hard things get a bad connotation in this world generally, but that’s only because sometimes we don’t understand them, and sometimes they’re scary because of it. Heavenly Father lets us have hard things that he knows we can overcome with His help and through the strength we receive through the atonement. He’s given us all the tools we need and all His confidence. The harder the challenge the more of a statement it is of His love for us. We agreed to grow in these areas–He’s just helping us to achieve our goals that we don’t remember. Good for you for doing so well!
    Jonna Cassel

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