I Love to See the Temple

Transfer 15: Doing family names at the Temple with Elder Dias

This past week we had the opportunity to go to the temple to do names of our own families. It was a sacred experience. We did all of the ordinances besides the sealing. The temple workers had “some” difficulties pronouncing the names. “Lindstrand” Wilhelm” and “Eliasson” aren´t exactly Portuguese names.

Transfer 15: Doing family names at the Temple with Elder Dias

Last week I mentioned that Cida would be baptized this week. Unfortunately, she became violently ill on Saturday and has been in the hospital, so we will wait a little bit and pray that she gets better.

I also mentioned last week a less active member named Cyntia. She came to church with us and her three kids. She LOVED it. Unfortunately her husband began a training course for his work that lasts 12 weeks, so he didn´t go.

I think right now as a missionary I am learning a lot about PATIENCE and FAITH. At the beginning of my mission I thought that being a missionary would get easier and easier as I gained more and more experience. However, I have learned that it is often the opposite. It seems that the more experiences and responsibilities that I have, the harder it is. But I love Ether 12:27. Through our humble faith, the Lord can take our weaknesses and make them strengths. He really is a God of miracles. But we have the challenge of making our timetable the same as His; the challenge of always accepting and embracing His will in our lives. I really enjoyed the article in the Liahona (The Ensign) this month called, “Why Having Weaknesses isn´t a Sin” (I think that is the name. I translated it).

I´m not really sure what other news I have this week. Tomorrow (April 21st) is called “Dia de Tira-Dentes” in Brasil, which means Take-out-teeth Day. Take-out-teeth is a nickname for one of the key historic figures in the Independence of Brasil. My birthday is a holiday. Woohoo!

A catholic church close to our area.

Catholic Church 1

Catholic Church 2

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