Sorry that I didn´t wish Adelaide and Grandma a happy birthday in the last weeks. I remembered their birthdays, but I forgot to say something in the email. But I promise, I didn´t forget.

Dad: I am in Jacira Ward in the city of Jardim das Oliveiras in the municipality of Itapecerica da Serra. Also, thank you for renewing my license.

This week was great. We met a bunch of great investigators. Just like every family in Brasil, everyone needs to get married 😉 . But, these families are awesome. We met one inactive member in the street and wrote her address down, but in all honesty, I didn´t think much of it and we just never made time to pass by her house. One day the Spirit hit us in the head and told us to go there. We didn´t even remember who she was, but thankfully God did. And she remembered us. She is married (well, not married yet, but will be) and has three kids. She was baptized along with her mom and siblings, but her mom fell into inactivity and as a result she did as well. Her name is Cintia (Portuguese version of Cynthia) and her husband is Alexandre. Alexandre said he already visited almost every church on the face of the planet, but he never felt “good” in any of the churches he visited. As we shared the message of the Restored Gospel with this family, I had a copy of The Book of Mormon in my hand, and I noticed that Cintia was eyeing the book throughout the lesson. Just before we began to teach about the First Vision, Cintia asked, “Can I have that book?” After an affirmative and eager response from us, she continued. “I lost my Book of Mormon more than 10 years ago. About a year ago, I had a dream that two men would come and give me a copy of The Book of Mormon as a gift.” It was a clear testament to me that God really does prepare us to receive the gospel in our lives, even if it isn´t the first time.

Also, we have an investigator, Cida, who will be baptized this Sunday that told us she would NEVER be able to stop drinking coffee without a miracle. However, by her faith, God gave her a miracle. Here there is a coffee substitute called Cevada (Cevada means “barley”. It is literally just toasted barley that apparently tastes a lot like coffee) which we gave her to help her. She told us Sunday when she got to church that after drinking Cevada one time she lost the desire to drink coffee. Another recent convert bore her testimony in tears, talking about how she had been praying that Cida would accept the gospel but never had the courage to invite her. When she saw her at church on Sunday, she said she knew that God hears and answers our prayers.

I love everyone. I feel like I am learning a lot about the will of the Lord. I read the story of the people of King Limhi this week in my personal study and I thought a LOT about the fact that God didn´t save them from slavery until the were humbled “unto the dust”. It really is true. In our lives, blessings require humility.


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