Leaving the City, Blitzing the Country

So, I got transferred. I FINALLY left the endless city of São Paulo. I mean, my last area technically wasn´t “São Paulo”, but it is the difference between Los Angeles and Long Beach. Just city. And more city. And more city.

I arrived in my new area, a city of 20,000 people in the middle of the forest. It was like taking a huge breath of fresh air. Actually, I did take a lot of breaths of fresh air. The pollution is like 90% less than in São Paulo. Our ward, Jacira Ward, is modest in size. the average frequency is about 110 people. The ward split 4 months ago, so our ward is actually brand spanking new. It isn´t even on MLS yet.

This area is completely different from any that I have already served in. I really like it. It is so nice to walk up a hill and and see GREEN. And there are a LOT of hills. This area is notorious in the mission for having the most and steepest hills. The members are all really genuine. There is a LOT of opportunity for growth in our ward and a lot of potential. I am excited to see what will happen in these 2 1/2 transfers that I stay here.

This week was really dedicated to finding new investigators, of which there were none when I got here. Actually, there was one, but he can´t get baptized yet because he needs to get married and is waiting for a document from the Brazilian government to prove that his last wife is dead (he has been waiting for 6 months. And his wife passed away 25 years ago).

I don´t know who my companion is. This week I have been in a “super dupla”, or “4-companionship”. The two missionaries who were serving there are going home this week and President Dalton didn´t want to “whitewash” the area, so he sent me there to learn the area in a week. Also, a short-term missionary from a ward in our mission came to our companionship so that we could go on splits every day and be more effective. Tomorrow, when the other three missionaries leave, I will find out who my new companion is.

I am ecstatic for General Conference. Here, the priesthood session starts at 9:00 PM, so we pretty much have to pull an all-nighter to watch it. We will get home around midnight.

The weather here has actually been really nice. Cloudy and 70 degrees every day. I will send some pictures next week, but I forgot my USB converter so I can´t send any today.

I love my family. I´m grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. Every week I learn more and more and more about how precious those two truths are.

Have a good week!


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