Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

Everyone in Washington said that it has been raining a lot there…. well here in São Paulo it is RAINING. I think it has rained every day for the past two weeks. And it will continue this week. The difference here is that it rains two hours of the day… and the rest of the day is HOT. São Paulo is like Rexburg of the south. You need an umbrella and sunscreen and a jacket and short sleeves 5 times in the same day. Well, for me it is never actually COLD. The last time I felt cold was when I went into President Dalton´s air-conditioned office.

This week was Stake Conference. We brought Claudia and João with us (the Pastor and his wife that I mentioned last week). I had told President Dalton about them in an email to him last week, but to my surprise he was in our stake conference and used their story as part of his talk! I was a little nervous, as I hadn´t exactly asked permission from them to tell their story to 1000 people, but Claudia leaned over to her husband with tears in her eyes and said, “That is EXACTLY the same thing that happened to us!” Afterwards, I told President Dalton that Claudia and João were at the conference, and he too was a little nervous. He asked, “Did I tell the story right? Were they angry? Are they still here?” But it ended up being exactly what Claudia and João needed. They needed to hear someone else telling their story so they could recognize the hand of God in their lives. It is interesting how God works through us even when we don´t know it.

Also, Edna (who I mentioned last week) miraculously showed up after the opening hymn of general conference. It reminded me a lot of the last general conference of my mission, which was the first time that Marlene went to church. We passed by Edna´s house in the morning to get the bus with her to come to stake conference…. but no one responded. We were a little bummed, because she has to work every other Sunday in the hospital and we would have to remark her baptismal date if she didn´t go. I´m still not sure how she managed to find the stake center, since she had never been there and hadn´t ever even seen the building, but she ended up coming alone, exactly how Marlene had done in Stake Conference in Santo Amaro.

I love being a missionary. There are so many miracles; so many tender mercies. Every single day, if we are really looking for them, we will see them.



PS Dad… I printed out the Driver´s License Form and I will mail it ASAP.


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