Steady and Sure


This week was much better than last week. It was FULL of meetings. I had a meeting almost all day on Tuesday and then we had District Meeting the next day and then Thursday we had New Missionary Orientation almost all day (because Elder Calixto is a new missionary). But, with all the meetings, it added an even greater sense of urgency to the little time we had to work.

We are teaching a few awesome people now in our area.

First, we are teaching a lady named Edna, who was taught by missionaries 6 YEARS AGO, but we found in the Area Book and felt that we should visit. We went there, and she is perfect! The missionaries must have done a good job preparing her six years ago, because now she is one of the most “eleita” investigators I have ever taught (eleita is a term missionaries use in portuguese to describe REALLY GOOD investigators… literally “elect”, derived from the scriptures). Her only difficulty is that she has to work every other Sunday in a hospital, so it is a challenge for her to go to church. But I love her. She is a widow and probably is about 50 years old. Her daughter is an inactive member that lives in another ward.

Also, we are teaching the cousin of Bruno and Diogo, who is the youth leader in another church. Her name is Tayna. She is actually the reason that Bruno and Diogo got baptized. One day we were leaving Bruno and Diogo´s house after a lesson, thinking we would drop them and never return (they weren´t keeping any commitments), when she ran out in the street and yelled, “ELDERS! COME BACK! I´m curious about your church!” So, we marked another visit with her, and when we came back, Bruno and Diogo had miraculously changed. However, Tayna works A LOT, so it is hard to find time to teach her. She wrote us a letter after the baptism of Tiago and Igor and João, expressing her gratitude and telling us about how she recognized us as true representatives of Jesus Christ. Now, she wants to be baptized, but she is afraid that all of her friends from the other church will turn against her.

Third, we are teaching a pastor and his wife, João and Claudia. We met Claudia one day as we were looking for the address of a potential investigator. However, we felt we should knock on Claudia´s door instead. We knocked on her door and she said she would go to church with us. We were a little doubtful, as she is a missionary for another church, but when Sunday came we passed by her house to see if she would go and she came running up to the door in her “Sunday best”. She had an awesome experience at church. She already was friends with half of the ward, and we had members who asked us, “How did you get her to come to church? We have been inviting her for 20 years!” The difference is that now she is prepared. She told her husband, the pastor, that they can never miss another Sunday (and miraculously he accepted without question).

I am excited to see how all of these people progress. We also met another awesome family, but I´m running out of time to talk about them, and they are on vacation for two weeks, so I will wait until another week to talk about them (stay tuned…).

Dad/Lacey… I believe you can give me the information through email. The visit to the temple will probably be 3-6 weeks from now. THANK YOU!

Mom: Here has daylight savings time as well, except that it starts and ends on different dates than in the U.S. and when the U.S. “springs forward” we “fall back”. I have no idea what time it is in Washington now. I THINK that it is 2 or 4 hours different now, but I have no idea.

Isaac: GOOD LUCK with the house/job hunt. Well, the house you have already found. Now you are just waiting to move in. Your new house is in which city? Here in São Paulo, people travel 3-4 hours one way to get to work and are still in the city of São Paulo. Also, a lot of people travel 3-4 hour one way and only go 3-4 kilometers. In my last area, our church was usually 15 minutes by bus, but during rush hour was 2.5 hours by bus. And 1 hour walking.


PS I cannot believe it is MARCH.

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