Family History… I am doing it!


This Sunday Bruno and Diogo passed the sacrament! Woohoo! Bruno pushed Diogo around in the wheelchair as Diogo distributed the sacrament. They were really, really excited. They both want to serve missions, we just have to see how it will be possible (with their physical deficiencies). Also, Myllena, Igor, Thiago, and João were confirmed.

I´m not sure if I have much other news. It is a little frustrating because in the past 4 weeks, only one new investigator has gone to church and all of the others have already dropped us. We have found a LOT of families that seem to have a lot of potential but end up not wanting to talk to us or avoiding us or other such things. I think one of the hardest parts of a mission is seeing the potential of people but watching as they choose much, much less. We also started working with a few less active members and part-member families that are great, but seem to be stuck in a rut of inactivity. We are praying and fasting to know how to help these people. And how to find the people that will progress.

Thankfully we have an incredibly inspired mission president who never fails to provide us with the solution that we need. It is incredible to see the change that has taken place in the mission since he has arrived. The last mission president was great, doubling the number of baptisms per month and turning this mission into one that is now called by the Area President of Brazil “the most obedient mission in the world”. The theme of the last president was, “JUST BAPTIZE”, which is what the mission needed in that time. But President Dalton saw that the mission was ready for a higher vision, “JUST TEMPLE”. Now, with 25% less missionaries, we are baptizing 25% more and retaining 50% more. And the foundation he has laid for the mission is creating situations that lead to miracles (Because we don´t create miracles, God does. We can only create a situation that allows them to happen, and God grants miracles according to necessity, obedience, and faith). But, that´s enough bragging about President Dalton for today.

In our next visit to the temple as a mission, President Dalton has asked that EVERY missionary has a family name (which I am REALLY, REALLY excited about). We will do all of the ordinances for our family member besides the sealing. So, I would like to ask that someone prepares a name of one of our family members for me that hasn´t yet had any ordinance performed. In our mission we don´t have access or permission to use FamilySearch or other such family history tools, so President Dalton asked us, if possible, to ask a family member to prepare the name for us.

EU AMO MINHA FAMÍLIA!!!! (e todos vocês.) I LOVE the temple. I love my mission.

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