Tambem, O Batismo do Bruno e Diogo

(Also, happy 1 year on your mission!)

Sunday was the baptism of Diogo and Bruno, who I think I have talked about before.

They are 18 year old twins. Diogo uses a wheelchair. Everyone in his family has the same genetic foot problem, but with him it is much worse and he cannot walk. It was a great experience to see how the baptism got the ward excited, because it had been 8 weeks since the last baptism in the ward. Everyone asked us if they could give Diogo a ride to church or to a ward activity.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. We continued to teach many of the same people and began teaching other people, but really I don´t know if I have much other news. The drought here in São Paulo is just getting worse and worse. In March, São Paulo will start rationing water. We will only have water on Saturday and Sunday. the other 5 days of the week we won´t have water. But it won´t be as drastic for us as it sounds, because we have a giant “caixa de agua” (I don´t remember the name in English…. it´s like a giant barrel of water above our house and we did the math and calculated how much water we can use each day and how much each missionary can use in the shower. Plus, a member gave us 2 100 gallon barrels of water, so everything should turn out all right.

I´ve been praying for Isaiah all week. I hope he is getting better. As well as Tanasha and Noah.

Sorry that this letter was so short! This week was a good week, but the only real news was the baptism of Diogo and Bruno (by the way, “Diogo” is pronounced G-ogo, not D-ogo).

EU AMO TODO MUNDO! Have a good week!

Foto 1: Our Zone p-day. I´m not sure if I already sent this picture, but it rained. It was pretty great. We decided to end the p-day when a lightning bolt literally hit the building next to the chapel. That took the fun out of being in the rain.

Foto 2: Baptism of Bruno and Diogo!!! They are 18 year old twins. Diogo is the one in the wheelchair, Bruno is standing. The guy next to Bruno is our awesome Bishop.

Foto 3: Elder Farias and I in front of the temple.


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