Hot! Hot! Hot!

This week was…. you guessed it… HOT! Really, really, hot. Every day we get to lunch and literally my shirt is already drenched in sweat. In case anyone wanted to know that delicious fact. And don´t worry, I am faithfully using sunscreen. Every day.

But besides the heat, this week we also worked until I didn´t think we could work anymore. We sacrificed, we fasted, we prayed, we fought to save baptisms, we went crazy to overcome opposition, we did divisions almost every single day, we brought a missionary to the hospital (he´s okay now), and I AM TIRED. Physically, of course, but also spiritually. It is a different kind of tired. Actually, I was tired until Sunday. Sunday has the miraculous effect of recharging my spiritual batteries. And P-day recharges my physical batteries.

Plus, we are going to the temple this week, which is going to be fantastic. It doesn´t get much better than a trip to the temple.

So, it is official now. My return date isn´t either of the dates I said before. My return date is JULY 1. Set in stone. Well, more or less. It could be up to two days before that. But it will be that week. And now I will let you worry about it so I don´t have to think about it again until at least June 30.

On Sunday, we brought to church with us two 18 year old brothers. Twins, Bruno and Diogo. Bruno and Diogo have some sort of deficiency in their legs and feet. Diogo is constrained to a wheelchair and even has a slight mental deficiency. Bruno, his brother, can walk, but not very far. And the gospel of Jesus Christ IS DOING MIRACLES IN THEIR LIVES. The first time we went to their house, they weren´t really even interested. But they felt the spirit. It is incredible the effect the spirit has. It can take two kids who have never had responsibility in their lives stand up and want to serve the Lord. It can take a tattooed gang leader who doesn´t believe in God and make him a clean shaven loving father. Our job as missionaries is to bring that spirit into the lives of other people. I love it. I love to see the changes that from the world´s perspective are unexplainable. From God´s perspective, and from ours, these changes are because of the Holy Ghost. He touches are hearts in a way they were never touched. And this feeling is so good, so pure, that we become willing to sacrifice ALL to have it more abundantly in our lives. In Matthew (in think 13), Christ speaks of a parable of a man who, walking through a field, stumbles upon a treasure. Seeing it´s worth, he gives up all that he has and buys the field to gain the treasure. Or, in another parable, a seeker of pearls, discovering a pearl “of great price”, sells ALL that he hath to buy the pearl. Why? Because the treasure, the gospel of Jesus Christ, is worth any price. There is no price too great.

Nothing brings me greater joy than the gospel of Christ. And my family. I was thinking this week about another way that The Church of Jesus Christ is different than any other church. Other churches, people will go there to feel good or to be among their friends. The church of Christ is not a social organization. It is a hospital to save souls. It is a factory to bring exaltation to the sons of God. We don´t just go to feel go, we go to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and have everlasting joy.



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