Guess Who Was Transferred? Also, I love to cry.

Yet another transfer has passed and now I´m starting transfer 14! It is strange to think back on the beginning of my mission when the weeks seemed like they lasted years and P-Day would never come. Now it is definitely the opposite. Every time we have P-Day I think “It can´t have seriously been a week since last P-Day”.

Thank you, Mom, for the pictures! They made me so happy! I love seeing pictures of our family and the temple and snow and everything that to me represents happiness. The more time that passes, the more beautiful our family becomes. Also, Mom, thank you for including that facebook post from Tanasha. Tanasha´s perspective is so encouraging. It built my faith. I cried when I read it. My last companion, Elder Rezabala, always made fun of my because I never cry. He would call me a “cold American who doesn´t have a soul”, because in spiritual experiences he would always cry and I never did. Not because I don´t want to cry or I don´t feel the spirit. The water just doesn´t leave my eyeballs. My theory is that I cried SO MUCH and was probably such a brat as a child that I was cursed and I no longer have the ability to cry. Until yesterday. when I found out I would be transferred from São Luiz. It wasn´t the fact that I would be transferred that made me cry. It was when I was telling a recent convert, Marlene, and she bore her testimony about how she has hope that her family can be eternal. And I cried. And then today when I was reading Tanasha´s comments about her family, I cried again. I think the curse has been lifted off my eyes. I´m capable of crying.
Elder Rezabala said when you cry it means you are alive. So, Mom…. don´t worry. I´m alive.

This week we have been focusing a lot on our investigator named Eric. He is Djalma´s roommate (Djalma that got baptized a month ago). Eric is awesome. We have pretty much taught him everything. He will get baptized this Sunday (of course, right after I leave the ward). Even when Djalma had an emergency this Sunday and couldn´t go to church, Eric still went. We read Alma 32 with him one day (which talks about how faith is like a seed that we plant in our heart until it grows into a sure knowledge and our faith becomes dormant… read the chapter!) and afterward we asked him what he thought. He said, “This is exactly what happened with me.” It is so incredible to see the faith of someone grow. There is no other experience like it on Earth. I think the only other experience more gratifying is raising a family. And why are these two experiences so gratifying? Because we have the opportunity to participate in The Plan of Salvation. We have the opportunity to help bring everlasting happiness to another one of God´s children. IT IS SO GOOD! The work is hard. Harder than anything else, because there is nothing Satan will try to destroy more than the work of the Lord (i.e. Missionary Work and Families).

I love what Tyler said in his email, and what Kimmie sent to me in an email. We, as members of the church, have the responsibility and oportunidade to be representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what is his work? To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Every time we act to bring the light of Christ into the lives of others, we are fulfilling this calling, be it that the people with which we share the gospel accept or reject.
So let us fulfill our callings.
I´m so happy to here how Mom and Dad our having incredible opportunities to share the gospel with others. Truth is light. The gospel is light. And light brings happiness.

I´m so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a representative of Christ, both as a missionary and a member of His church. He is using this imperfect vessel to spread his light throughout the world. My job is to be a worthy vessel so that the light can shine through me, and then to be willing to do what He asks. How great is this calling.

I´m grateful for my family. Every time I receive another email or picture of our family I feel a joy so great that I can´t contain or express it. It is a joy that makes me smile and laugh because I am not physically capable of containing that joy. And it comes with an immense gratitude for every sacrifice and righteous act that Mom and Dad made for our family. For the example that they set.

EU AMO VOCÊS! (Família, amigos, e quem que esteja lendo)


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