Batismo de Djalma!

This Sunday, Djalma was baptized. He is SO AWESOME! He bore his testimony during the baptism. There are few things more powerful that the testimony of a recent convert… and he was about as recent as it gets! I forgot my camera, but our other recent convert, Marlene, brought hers and took pictures. When I get the pictures from her I will send them.

Baptism 1

Baptism 2

Also, on Sunday I was talking with another missionary, Elder Maciel, about how I had only been sick one day in my entire mission. I should learn to hold my tongue, because that night I spent emptying the contents of my stomach in the bathroom. I went to the hospital today (I was ordered to go by our Health Secretary) for the first time in my life and they gave me an IV and got me all drugged up. But don´t worry! It is just a stomach virus that I happened to catch a lot stronger than most people. I´m pretty much already better. Just really hungry.

This past week went well. We are definitely going to be running from place to place this week. Sometimes now it just seems like there is not enough time to do all the work we need to do. Especially this week, since we have a Mission Tour with Elder Costa (the area president) this week. It is interesting to see how my perspective has changed (and is still changing) during my mission. In the beginning, it seemed like I had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, and therefore my sense of urgency in the work was lower. But now, it seems like there is always more work to do then there is time.

I received the package this week, Mom! Thank you! I´m deciding to wait until Christmas to open it. I´m assuming if everything lasted 4 weeks to get here it will last another three until Christmas. On Christmas, it will probably be between 3-6 PM here in Brasil when I call to talk. And I will use Google Chat. I still haven´t heard if I will be able to talk to everyone together or just with people on one computer. More details should be coming soon. If I´m not mistaken, 3:00 PM here is 10:00 AM in Utah. Is that right? I´m not sure. I will have to look at the reference Dad sent a few weeks ago.

Mom, I hope you (and your back) are feeling better! When do you and Dad leave for Utah?


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