First of all, we had Thanksgiving dinner! Actually, Thanksgiving lunch, because nobody really eats dinner here. We had a Zone Conference on Thursday and President Dalton had the sisters prepare turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and gravy for us. It was great. I mean, it wasn´t EXACTLY your traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner. It still had beans and rice ;). But it was pretty good.

This week, more than anything, I have learned that I won´t figure out how to be a missionary at least until the last week of my mission. Probably not until the end of my life. As I said last week from my conversation with President Dalton, it seem like the more time I have in my mission, the more I have to learn. This week I felt like I learned some really essential principles of missionary work that will work miracles. I thought, I can´t believe I didn´t know that when I started! But as I shared last week, “When we experience and grow, when we increase our faith, when we come closer to the potential God sees for us, we have a greater capacity to act. We have a greater vision, or rather, we have more light. With this greater light, we see challenges and opportunities that weren´t even visible to us before.”

That´s really about all that I have to share from this week, other than He is The Gift. If you haven´t yet seen or heard about this initiative introduce by the church this Christmas, click on this link, watch the video, read the website, and learn about it. The church truly does incredible things to invite people to come unto Christ. You might be able to learn a little more about the background of the initiative on lds.org But, it sure made me excited about Christmas. I mean, because of the initiative we now talk about Christmas in all of our contacts. And it is working miracles.

Mom: In respect to Christmas, yes I will be able to google chat. What hour? I still have no idea. And also last Christmas here there was a rule that we could ONLY talk to people in one place. For example, I wouldn´t be able to talk to Tyler in Japan and you at home even if it was at the same time on the same screen. But, that was with another mission president, so I will find out more soon.



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