The Law of Opposition

2 Nephi 2:11

Whenever we have a righteous desire and plead with the Lord to accomplish that righteous desire, Our faith will be tested.

And it is.

This week was probably the week that I saw the most opposition in all of my mission. Opposition for us, for our recent converts, and for our investigators. I think I may have even talked about A Lei da Oposição last week, but it is still true and I´m still going to talk about it.

Edna and Tawany, baptized last week, have had continual opposition since the day of their baptism. In their house (I don´t know how to explain it. It´s definitely not an apartment complex, but it´s not just one house. It looks like one house from outside and has a mountain of house behind it and beneath it, typical of São Paulo) lives essentially all of their family. And all of them are against them. And most of them are constantly smoking, drinking, and partying, even if they have two year old children sitting watching them. That´s pretty normal here. Anyway, I have been astounded by the faith and determination they have to stay strong and firm to their testimonies since their baptism. But they can´t do it alone. We are rallying our ward arond them to make sure they have a solid foundation to resist the mountain of opposition that is pressing at them from every side.

We found an awesome 28 year old kid this week named DJAlma. We went to his house on Saturday to teach the Restoration and he was listening to Be Still My Soul on youtube. Maybe this wouldn´t be as surprising in the US, since be still my soul is not exclusively a hymn of the church. But in Brasil, the only way Be Still My Soul exists is if it is from someone LDS. So that was a pretty awesome start to our lesson. Halfway through the lesson, DJAlma asked, “Hey, can I invite my friend? He needs to here this.” His friend denied, but DJAlma was so excited about the restoration that he wanted to share it with everyone he knows. The next day, we went to his house to pick him up for church and he was already waiting, dressed in a suit with a white shirt and tie. For anyone who has been a missionary, THAT IS A MIRACLE. He loved church, and our other investigator, Marlene, talked to him the whole time about how excited she is to be baptized next Sunday. When good things are happening is when the opposition comes.

But I know we will overcome the opposition. I mean, we have The Lord on our side. We can only lose if we give up or give in.

Mom, I will let you know when the package gets here. And I will pray for Tanasha. Definitely. I was thinking about her and the baby during the week. Also, I am SUPER excited for the My Family book. I didn´t know you would send me one too. But I will definitely appreciate it. Grandma: Thank you in advance for the Christmas present! I might have to give in and buy a new white shirt. Some that I have now are getting a little… old.



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