BATISMO DE EDNA E TAWANY! Happy Birthday, Maria!!!

Another week has slipped by. But it was a GOOD week. We went to the temple as a mission (first time since the MTC here, so it was a huge blessing. Also, Tawany and Edna were baptized!!! I literally did not even realize Edna was short until we took this picture. I´m pretty much squatting in this picture because my head was not even in the first two pictures I had. Mom, you aren´t short! I don´t remember how much I have said in the past about Tawany and Edna, so I will give a little bio right now. Tawany is 17 and has a two year old son, Pietro. Edna is Tawany´s mom. We contacted Edna in the street one day, and she wasnt interested, but she told us to visit her daughter Tawany because “she was needing help from God”. So, we came back and taught Tawany. We invited her to be baptized and get married, but she said she would prefer to leave her boyfriend and get baptized. So, she moved broke up with him, moved out, and got baptized. It´s a good thing, too, because he´s not the best. I´ll just say that. Edna always stayed in our lessons and went to church with Tawany, and every lesson we invited Edna to be baptized, but she just said, “This is Tawany´s thing. I´m just here to support her.” Edna had already been baptized 6 times and been active in every church on the face of the Earth beside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She had sold her car and her furniture because her pastors told her she wasn´t paying enough tithing. She has been a missionary for other churches. But the day we met her in the street, she was really fed up with all the churches she had been to and prayed to God to show her what to do. She was just to stubborn to accept the two missionaries that he sent. But thankfully she sent us to her daughter. Edna told us the day of her baptism, “I´ve already been baptized and been in every church I could find. Thank God that today I´ll be baptized in his church. I´m finally coming home.”


The rest of the week was pretty normal. The Law of Opposition (Second Nephi 2) is REAL!!! Every single thing that could go wrong to prevent the baptism happened, even the Bishop at one point was against it and it appeared that they would not only not be baptized, but the whole ward counsel would turn against us and our relationship that we have been building with the ward would be destroyed. BUT, good will always overpower bad, so we kept going with faith that they would be baptized. Then, we called the Bishop and all of the issues were miraculously resolved in about four minutes. WOOHOO FOR MIRACLES AND ACTING IN FAITH!

Also, last Sunday we found a new investigator named Marlene. She is incredible. She grew up next to members of the church, and she firmly rejected the hundreds of invitations they gave her to go to church. However, many years later, and now with 5 children, she accepted our invitation. We taught her The Restoration and as she was read Acts 8:11-12 (about the apostasy) she stopped and said, “THIS! THIS IS WHAT`S HAPPENING! I KNOW THIS IS TRUE!” I put it in caps lock because she yelled it. She is so cool. To make a long story short, she went to church (and the baptism) on Sunday and loved it all. She knows the Book of Mormon is true. In Relief Society on Sunday, she felt a prompting that she should tell the sisters how she found the church and she told us everyone in relief society was in tears. She will be baptized November 23rd and we are starting to teach the rest of her family as well.

She has a 14 year old neighbor named Mariana that we found on a seperate occasion who is awesome as well. Mariana came to church on Sunday with a girl from our ward and Mariana´s two best friends.

I´m just so excited about the work of The Lord.


PS It´s not too hot for now. All of Brasil will fast for rain this Sunday, so I´m sure you will be hearing stories of some crazy rain here pretty soon. We´re needing it.





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