I hope your birthday is great! Our p-day almost got switched and I was going to be really sad when I wouldn´t be able to wish you a happy birthday. Words can´t describe the love and appreciation I feel for you, Mom.
Thank you for your example of perseverance and sacrifice. 🙂

Time keeps flying by. Every Monday that I come to email just seems like it comes faster and faster. And life keeps going by. This week was REALLY REALLY GOOD.

I feel like I am learning and growing a LOT here in São Luis with Elder Rezabala. Our ward is pretty weak (for now…) and our area had nothing happening when we got here and Elder Rezabala was being transferred from an extremely trying time in his mission. So, there were a lot of challenges. But, a lot of challenges lead to a lot of opportunities for growth. I´ve learned that if I´m growing, I´m happy. If I´m not, I´m frustrated. I´ve learned about the true nature of faith… how the real test of faith is endurance and being able to overcome our trials. I´ve learned the importance of setting goals and striving to realize them. I´ve learned to follow leaders because they have the authority to be inspired for the people they lead. I´ve learned that everything else falls into place when we focus on the most important things. I´ve learned that we need to critique our performance, but we always need to have a positive perspective.

And those are just the things I learned this week.

Just in case you missed the memo last week, read the book Evoking the Powers of Heaven. I´m assuming that´s the name, since I only have it in Portuguese.

It´s funny how sometimes so many things happen in a week that I feel like I don´t have the words to express what happened. We found a lot of new investigators… a lot of new families. And we marked a lot of them for baptism, which makes a HUGE difference. We found some awesome elderly ladies that are super excited for us to come back. Our lessons there will be like teaching the Red Hat Society. I´ll talk more about our new investigators next week when we know that they are more solid.

And for the first time since I left the Brasil MTC (already four months ago!) we are going to the temple this week! To actually do a session, not just to bring our investigators there. It is much-needed. I´m extremely grateful we have a temple so close to our mission.

It was great to see pictures and hear about Halloween. As I said last week, it´s only just catching on now. Pretty much all that happened was that as we were teaching a lesson a bunch of kids knocked on our investigators door. But the kids didn´t have costumes. And they just said, “tem doces?” (Do you have candy?), which our investigator didn´t, and judging by their candy bags, it didn´t seem like anyone else did either. So Halloween is still a work in progress here. Kimmie, Isaiah looked SUPER HAPPY as a cowboy. Also, your sons are clones of each other. What did Lacey and Michael and Adelaide do for Halloween? It seems like it has been a few weeks since I have heard from them.

Até mais.


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