Order and Progress. (But really, miracles happen at the Temple)

For those of you who didn´t catch my puny subject, “Order and Progress” is what is written on the Brasilian flag. Brasil had presidential elections this week (which are A LOT different here. I´ll leave it at that). But also, I feel like it is a fitting theme for the week. I really feel like our area is progressing a lot. But the real theme of the week is:



(As you can see, it cooled down. Thanks for the prayers! It even rained while we were there)

This week, we took our investigators to the temple. I´m so grateful to be serving in a mission that is so close to a temple. It´s not in our mission, it is in the next mission over. But the motto of our mission is SÓ TEMPLO! (Only the temple. It´s a little catchier in Portuguese) and we have permission to go to the temple with our investigators and teach them there. And then afterwards to bring them into the waiting room of the temple and pray with them. THIS WORKS MIRACLES!

In the back row of the photo are Ana Paula and Gilberto. They brought two of their daughters with them to the temple. We had invited them to be married various times, but just Ana Paula accepted each time. But we KNEW this family would be eternal. Gilberto was just stubborn. So, we took them to the temple. First, I don´t know the last time that Gilberto and Ana Paula did an uplifting activity together. Second, there is no place better in the world to have a “turning point” lesson than at the temple. We sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” in front of the temple. We taught them in the chapel . Ana Paula bore strong testimony of the truthfulness and changing power of the gospel. Afterwards, the waiting room had opened and we brought them there to pray. The spirit of the temple is profound and sacred. In the walls of the temple, Ana Paula and Gilberto accepted a date to go to the Cartorio on November 14th. We have to wait until the 14th because we are waiting for his birth certificate to arrive. I had never seen Gilberto and Ana Paula SO HAPPY.

Tawany is in the red dress. She separated from her boyfriend this week. Her companionship inventory with Douglas last week confirmed the answer she had already received from God that she needed to leave him to protect her son. She came to the temple with us as well. In the walls of the temple, the same day that she moved out of her boyfriend´s house, she accepted a baptismal date for November 9th. She fervently prayed in the temple that she will have the means to provide for her son and she too bore testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.

This week was a good week. It wasn´t hot, we went to the temple, our investigators are progressing A LOT, and we are seeing miracles.

Dad: I am immensely grateful for the youth in the North Spokane Stake. I may be a little biased, but I literally do not think I have ever met a better or stronger group of youth. And yes, Dad, I will pray.

Mom: If you think it is strange that Dylan Young will get home in May, don´t forget that I will come home at the end of the next month! CRAZY! But that is still eight months away which means I don´t need to think about that for another eight months. Also, I wouldn´t mind receiving a little more peanut butter if there is room. I´ve been rationing it, but I can´t say no if someone in our house asks for some. It is definitely being appreciated in our house. Also, how cool is it that you were involved in finding Brittany Masters?! I remember when you told the story about the sister missionary being bit by a dog. 🙂 Someone day after I get home, I´ll tell you a similar story. As for Halloween here, it exists, but barely. I saw a few stores that had decorations for sale, but I don´t know who buys them, because I´ve never seen them outside the store. There are three pumpkins in the supermarket and it´s really tempting to buy one and carve it today during p-day. Good thing I don´t have money!

Kimmie: You were inspired with those pictures. Seriously. Thank you. And no, nothing is going to distract me. It is not possible. But I will say that I am hopelessly in love with the Pacific Northwest. And yes, I do have a lot of memories all over Grandma and Grandpa´s property. I not-so-secretly hope it will still be in the family when I get home.


Happy Halloween!
Fique firme!

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