Batismo de Beatriz e Francisco (e Elder Beazer)

This week Beatriz and Francisco were baptized. I love the people we have baptized here in Castro Alves SO MUCH. And what I love even more is that I don´t feel worried at all that they might go less active. Because they have friends. They are being nourished by the good word of God. And they have responsibilities. AND I JUST LOVE THEM.

Beatriz, if you don´t remember, is fourteen years old. She has been going to seminary for almost a month now, and she was baptized after seminary on Friday with all of her friends there and her parents (Seminary in our ward is 7:00 PM).

Francisco´s baptism had a lot less people, but I don´t even think Francisco noticed. He couldn´t stop smiling when he left the water. He really experienced the healing balm of the Atonement. He had to use the repentance process to stop drinking, smoking, and using drugs. And so he knew how powerful his baptism was.

We had a couple at church on Sunday that are AWESOME. Ana and Luiz. Ana needs to get a divorce from her husband (that she hasn´t seen in 15 years… we don´t know how to help her get a divorce) so she can marry Luiz. THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! I can´t even explain them. After our first meeting with them, Luiz rescheduled worked so he would be able to come to church at least every other week and made plans to take us to the beach (which we obviously had to cancel). They are so prepared! We just have to learn how to help her get a divorce so they can mark a date to get married and baptized.

Also, we got a call from President Dalton last P-day telling us that we would be receiving a third person in our companionship, Elder Beazer. He waited for his visa for 10 months in the Mesa Arizona Mission. He´s from Indiana. And I love him. But he doesn´t speak a WORD of portuguese. I guess I´m realizing now just how much I have learned in Portuguese. But even still, we are working with him A LOT to improve. I know the gift of tongues is real. And we are about to see it work here. Or we better…

Other than that our week was really rushed. We picked up Elder Beazer and went to a training with him, we had Zone Conference, and then we had a baptism on Friday night and Saturday night. We barely had any time to find and teach, but we tried our hardest and by some miracle we still achieved what we had planned for.

Oh, I almost forgot. Just another small world moment. President Dalton was giving a training and quoted his Bishop from when he was attending Harvard Business School…. Kim B. Clark. If I had brought my notes with me I would put the quote here, but I forgot my notebook. The small world nmoments never cease.

Also, good luck with the diet, Dad! It sound a lot like a diet that Lacey and Michael and I did when I was at BYU-Idaho, which definitely was an adjustment (although it was worth it, Lacey!). Everyone said that missionaries in Brasil always lose weight, but the members in our ward make food that is SO GOOD and we don´t have a lot of huge hills in our area, so I could definitely improve my eating habits, too. I don´t want to get fat here.

I don´t know if I have much other news. I LOVE EVERYONE!

Photo from the baptism of Francisco and the pizza that night (it rained and my hair died… it´s not usually like that)

Baptism Man

Elder Beazer

Beatriz’s Baptism
Baptism girl 2

Baptism Girl

Baptism Girl 3

Baptism Girl 4

Baptism Girl 5

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