Mom! I finally got the package you sent. I don´t know how many weeks it has been, but for your information, it looks like it takes at least 5 weeks for a package to get here from the U.S. Our mission president´s wife, Sister Dalton, was glad to know, too, because she is wondering when she should send packages to her kids in California to make it there for Christmas. Thank you for the peanut butter and the deodorant and the colored pencils. They got here just in time.

Aside from that, this week was kind of trying. ALL of our investigators that are not “eternal” (in other words, they have problems or struggles out of their control that keep them from being baptized right now) disappeared. Every day this week we had only one or two lessons marked for the whole day. So, we contacted a LOT of people and found a LOT of new investigators that seemed really really good. But, as hard as we tried to meet with them, it just seems like everything we did fell through.

We fasted that we will be able to help our investigators progress and be baptized. I´m confident this week will yield more results that stay than this past week. We had a lot of miracles happen that didn´t stay. They are still miracles, but the people just chose to reject the truth after they saw the miracle. I´m definitely a people-motivated missionary. Some missionaries are motivated by numbers and competition and quantity, but those things don´t motivate me. And other missionaries are content to just help a few people as long as those people stay really firm in the church. But the truth is that we have to take the best from both types. We have to invite everyone to come unto Christ. But we have to make sure they are prepared to stay. Elder Mesquita and I were talking this week about an investigator we have that we literally love more than ourselves. That we know will go to the Celestial Kingdom even though we have been baptized and made other convenants with God and she hasn´t yet.

I don´t really have much other news this week. Sorry, I feel like my emails have been getting shorter and shorter!

I love everyone! It was good to see pictures from Kimmie and David (and Hyrum and Isaiah). Kimmie, your children will be giants.
I hope Dad and Grandma feel better!
Mom, I hope school doesn´t stay too hectic and stressful.

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