Batismo! Wait, what?

Disclaimer: I´m sorry I still haven´t sent photos. I need to buy a usb converter and I always forget until I arrive here in the Lanhouse (the ghetto internet café) to email.

Also, Mom, my package still hasn´t arrived, but don´t worry, generally everyone says it takes 6-8 weeks for packages to get here from the U.S. It probably took 10 days to arrive in Brasil and will take another month to get from one side of São Paulo to where the mission office. Such is life in Brasil.

I stinking love our family! Holy cow. Every week I love reading the emails and seeing the pictures from our families. It brings me so much joy to see how much good is happening every week. Also, Isaiah looks like a bald Hyrum where Hyrum was new.

So, I don´t know how much I have talked about Marly, but she was planning on being baptized on Friday, the day after her son arrived home from his mission. However, we got a call Thursday night from Marly, “Hey, do you think I could be baptized tonight?” She already had her baptismal interview and was more than prepared, so we called the bishop and our ward mission leader, who were already marked to go out with us that night, and they didn´t have any problems. So, at 6:00 PM we marked her baptism for 8:00 pm. However, we arrived at the church at 7:30 PM, filled up the font (of course, the water heater was out of gas, so the water was freezing), and waited for her. And waited. And called her. And nothing until 9:00 PM, when she showed up at the church (We are supposed to be in our apartment by 9:00, by the way). So, we called our zone leaders and then President Dalton, who granted us permission to baptize her and then go straight home. The baptism got over around 10:00 and, like President Dalton directed, we went straight home. I don´t even think we talked to Marly afterward. But, it would not have been Marly´s baptism if it wasn´t spontaneous. She wanted to be baptized in a long flowing white dress in the river like the pioneers(which seems a lot cooler than it would have been. The river here is literally sewer), but when her son got of the plane she said she just couldn´t wait any longer. She is already so strong. We also had another miracle with her fellowshing another investigator on Sunday, but I don´t have time to write it here. I have a book of miracles for this transfer that I have written in every single day, so you can read there next year.

We had a really good week. A lot happened. A lot of miracles. Some dissapointments. I think I learned most in the week how to realize goals. And also that sometimes, our determination means everything. We can´t relax, we can´t take a break. These our the last days and this is the work of the Lord. We don´t have time to waste. Another missionary said to me that the world is in the last days, but Brasil is in the last hour. It´s true in a lot of ways. Brasilians are passionate, and the people living in sin are content to stay where they are. Everything is more exaggerated here… The wealth, the poverty, the happiness, the misery, everything seems to be more intense.

We don´t have time to sit down… However, we do have time to eat pizza, as you will see when I get around to sending pictures. A lot of pizza.


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