Uma Outra Semana em o Maravilhoso São Paulo Interlagos Missão

(Another Week in the Marvelous São Paulo Mission)

This week was a a lot different than last week. We had to stay in three days because of the World Cup. Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday (The Final). After we went to church on Sunday, we had almoço (lunch) and went straight home. I definitely had a lot of time to study!

Last week I talked about the family Marcia and Fernando. They are progressing super well…. kind of. They gave their giant bag of coffee to us (a la The John Tanner story, if you have seen that) and set goals to stop smoking, which they are keeping. However, on Saturday we were supposed to fill out their documents for marriage, mas por causa do jogo (because of the World Cup) we couldn´t fill them out. Also, they had some sort of water leak in their house and missed church on Sunday. At least I think that is what happened. I couldn´t exactly understand everything Marcia said on the phone.

The family of 8 whose last name ends with Silva (I will call them the Alciele family, because the person we met first is named Alciele) was going to come to church as well but Satan put up some other roadblock that caused them to miss church. We actually discovered that the mother in the family is uma membra menos-ativos (a less-active member) of the church. She was baptized when she was 12 with her Mom, but when she grew up she stopped going to church. However, when she realized we were members of the same church, all of her duvidas (doubts) melted away and we were instantly welcome in her home.

Hmm.. what else?

Oh, we contacted a girl named Calime (I think. I never know how to spell names here) who we then taught, set a baptismal date with, and came to church with her children. The biggest roadblock aqui em Brasil (here in Brazil) is MARRIAGE. No one is married, except perhaps members of the church. The church actually formed a contract with the church where investigators can be married de graça (for free) if they are planning on being baptized. It is definitely a miracle, because few people in our area can afford the $R 400 (200 dollar) needed to be married by the state.

Also, we went to do a baptismal interview at the church (Elder Hoffmann is the district leader) and while we were there, algumas rapaz (some teenage boys) were messing around in the parking lot. One of them tripped, fell on his head, went into a seizure and passed out. We quickly called an ambulance and gave him a blessing. Elder Hoffmann and I went to wait for the ambulance (in the pouring rain, of course)… but it never came. Eventually, a member of the bishopric (who miraculously had a car) drove the kid (Rosevaldo) to the hospital. I learned not to get hurt here in Brasil, because the emergency response system is pretty basic. And not efficient. Thankfully Rosevaldo recovered in the hospital and was able to pass the sacrament on Sunday.

Mom: It is awesome that you are going out with the sister missionaries so much (and it sounds like Grandma Mooney has gone out with them as well). As a missionary, I know how much of a blessing you are to those sisters. This week we had a training on how miracles always happen in the scriptures outside of someone´s “comfort zone”. I remember when I first started my mission I was constantly outside of my comfort zone. And every day I am placed in positions that are new and unfamiliar (especially in Brasil). But our mission president, President Dalton said something really profound, and I will try to recreate what he said from memory. He said that we are only able to grow when we stretch outside of our current position. He also said we should make it a goal to always stay outside of our comfort zone.

Tyler: What have you found is the most effective way to study and learn Japanese? Also, what have you done during language study that you have found to be effective. Lacey, Ryan, David, feel free to answer this question to if you want, since you have all been in the same position.

Grandma: Our Misson President´s wife lost her phone this week as well. It sounds like all of your travels were great!

It sounds like everyone is staying busy in The United States. It´s good to hear that Mom and Dad are both finally home and together for what seems like the first time in my entire mission. 😉

I will send some pictures as well. I love you all! Fique Firme!

Pictures from the plane and out the window of our bedroom at the MTC in Brasil.



Another photo out the window of the MTC.

A picture of some members of my district in the MTC, and a picture with my MTC companion and two of our teachers, Irma Ferreira (the shorter one) and Irma Mendes (The taller one).

A picture of Elder Starr and me in the MTC.

A (not very good) picture of part of our area. You can barely seen one of the three lakes in the background. I expect I won´t ever see much more of it than that. I can´t take very many pictures outside of the apartment because I don´t want to get mugged for a cheap camera.

A picture of a GIANT bag of a cheeto-like snack we bought and have already finished in one week (disgusting, but delicious).

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