I am in Brasil!!! Woohoo!!! After 25 hours of travel I made it. Elder Starr and I are in the same district, were on the same flight, and are in the same room at the CTM. Sao Paulo is HUGE. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and all of a sudden the mountains disappeared and all you could see was city and skyscrapers forever. I have taken pictures, but I have no idea how to get them on this computer. Everything here is gray and concrete. That is about all I know about Brasil now. It is sure a lot different than California. Most of the missionaries in the CTM are native Brazilians, so we have already had a lot of awkward conversations where we realize how much portuguese we don’t remember. 😦

In some ways I guess I am surprised at how much the same it is even though it is completely and totally different.

It is crazy how even with the few people I have talked to today, there are so many different accents. Some people are pretty easy to understand. Other people sound like they are speaking German.

It is also really strange to be in the CTM again, especially when people that left on their missions three weeks ago are the “veterans” here even though I have been on my mission 11 months. There is one missionary that has waited longer for his visa, just one transfer longer. About 5 people in our group (there were about 20 on the flight) came out at the same time as me. There were a few that are just starting at the CTM as well, but they will be in a different district.

This email probably represents how tired I am right. About all I can say is Ola! Tuto Bem! Bom Dia! My bed is going to feel great tonight.

I love everyone! I’m praying for Grandma. I hope Grandpa’s funeral goes well.

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