HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! (and transfers)

Ola, minha familia!!!

Elder Palmer made it to Brazil last week! Hallelujah for him. Have you heard anything about Elder Starr?

We’ve been burning up in Whittier. There were three days this week where it was 100 degrees. That’s a little warm. It actually made me grateful to be in an area where we use our car so much. Usually I hate it. I would much rather bike everywhere, just not when it’s 100 degrees. Whittier is the hottest part of our mission, just because it is farthest inland, so I’m gearing up for a summer here.

Elder Jacobson is getting transferred to Long Beach for his last transfer. He has been a district leader for 11 transfers and he was called as a zone leader his last transfer. I love Elder Jacobson because he is so humble. Some of the leadership let it get to their head, but definitely not him. My new companion will be Elder Haynes, who Elder Jacobson trained. Elder Haynes was in my zone in Long Beach. He is 6′ 8″ and awesome. I’m excited to be his companion.

I feel like I had a lot to say this week but now that I am sitting here I can’t remember any of it. On Monday we had a lesson at the stake president’s house with two of their neighbor friends (Tammy and her son Zach). Tammy’s husband died a little over a year ago. We talked to them about eternal families. It was a great lesson. Tammy said that even though her Christian church doesn’t know what happens when we go to heaven, she wants to be with her husband forever. The Powells then shared with her how they were married/sealed in the LA temple and what that means for their family. It was great to see how Tammy changed as she became comfortable talking to us and began to trust us. At the end she told us that “Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without my husband and my family”. And it is true. It wouldn’t be. It is interesting to see how there are some things we inherently believe (or want to believe) no matter what people preach to us or what organizations we are part of. The Light of Christ helps us recognize truths that feel familiar even if at first they seem “too good to be true”. We are excited to teach her again tonight.

It amazes me how much can happen in one family in a single week!

Grandma Mooney: I’m glad you are doing okay after spraying those dandelions! It’s funny how sometimes we literally trip over missionary opportunities and they land right in our backyard. I will pray for Ronald Brent Simmons. Every day. Thank you as well for the quotes you send. They are all so good!

Mom: I sent you a letter in the mail. I hope it gets there before Sunday! As of now, yes we will be able to do a google hangout on Sunday. I will try at 6:00 PM. However, I’m not sure if we want to have Tyler and I call at the exact same time because that cuts down on the amount of time we each get to talk to each other. You can send an invitation to my email madsen.kyle@gmail.com . That is the one I will be using to hangout on. How long has Mitch been on his mission? It sounds like Stake Conference was fantastic. I don’t think I know the girl that spoke. Mom, would you be able to send me a copy of whatever the last CD I made is? There are a few people who have requested copies and I keep forgetting to ask.

Dad: It sounds like you are getting back into construction! I don’t think you did tell us about this other basement bid. How did you find out about it? Are they friends of Kimmie and David? Is Mom ever going to see you? I’m glad that computer is being put to use. Obviously no one was using it right now. Are you finally getting a few moments to breathe at home?

Lacey: WHAT? Michael is going to Chile? When? For how long? If Kimmie and David don’t move, it will be a huge blessing to have the basement finished.

Kimmie and David: I can’t believe your pregnancy is already almost over and soon we’ll have another awesome young man in our family. Online classes would probably work out really well. It would sure be a whole lot easier with a newborn baby.

Ryan: It sounds like you are a full time missionary too! What are you doing after classes are over? When do you come back to the Western Hemisphere?

Well, I love everyone! Talk to you next week!

Judy again.

An awesome member named Brother Thompson who is an interior designer.

Then our ward mission leader Brother Finger and his wife and son.


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