Happy Easter!

Each week I come to email with this thought in my head: “What happened this week?”

Sometimes I actually write out a summary of what happened before I email to kick start my memory. The weeks often begin to blur together.

This week we received a referral for a kid named Brady. He is 19 and attending BIOLA (bye-ole-uh) University. I don’t know if I have talked about BIOLA before, but it is the Evangelical version of BYU. We have taught a few people who attended the university, and it has a bad rap among missionaries because in some classes at the school students get credit for going to our church services, bringing in a copy of The Book of Mormon, having a discussion with the missionaries, or obtaining pamphlets from us. And also, they have a bad rap for wanting to bible bash with missionaries. Brady is a VERY smart kid. Very intuitive. And very inclined toward spiritual things. Yet if the people we teach don’t sincerely follow Moroni’s promise to read and pray about the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon, they will never see that it is true despite their education or their faith. It is through that way that the honest seeker of truth who can barely read can progress farther in the gospel than the learned scholar who believes he has everything he needs.

However, Brady as well as two of our other investigators attend BIOLA. There are a few BIOLA graduates in our ward, and honestly the people I’ve talked to who attend there a) actually know what they believe and b) actually know what is written in the Bible. Sometimes it is nice to have a conversation with someone not of our faith who actually studies scripture and sincerely prays. I have however discovered that without the knowledge of the Restored Gospel and without partaking in the ordinances therein, we can only progress so far in knowledge and in faith. There is a limit that is reached, no matter how studied or educated or dedicated or staunch in your beliefs you have become.

Truth comes to the honest seeker. The same, plain truth can be presented in front of two people and only the one who humbles himself enough to see it can discern it. It pains me to see people sincere in their beliefs and highly educated turn away from the truth because they or the world has convince them it is foolishness.

Also, Satan should pat himself on the back for providing so many differing, confusing, and inaccurate translations of the Bible. It has served it’s purpose.

It is so exciting to see people progress. Anthony has already come so far. When we met him he was obviously prepared. I mean, he figured out the Plan of Salvation on his own. Let’s not forget that. However, his obstacle of non-commitment is being chipped away as he sees the goodness of the truth. By coming to general conference he knew without a doubt that the men who spoke were men of God. And for Anthony, who was floating around from belief to belief and pushing nothing away, coming to a session of conference centered on divine priesthood authority was nothing short of perfect. His perspective of seeing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as just a good way of life is beginning to shift to seeing it as the good way of life. The only lasting way of life.
And for Judy, she is learning that sincere repetition is key. And so are we as we have taught her. Having been in a coma for two months, she now has short-term memory loss and so she honestly has no recollection of some significant points of doctrine (ie THE RESTORATION) though she believes it to be true when her memory has been jogged. As she has read the scriptures every day, (and the same scripture again and again) it sinks in and leads to her conversion.

Mom and Dad: I feel like you see each other about as often as I see you! Dad, good luck with your project for work due today. It must be frustrating when your work is held back by other people. Hopefully you don’t end up having to sleep all day on Easter It will definitely be a day of rest for you (if you make it home by then)! Mom, yes I received my package. Thank you so much! The Burt’s Bees was perfect. I think I have a supply now that will last through my mission at least. And thank you for the cards as well. Between Elder Jacobson and I we have a pretty solid supply of snacks now.
Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz sound like they really appreciate the help you give them. I am certainly grateful for the miracle of modern medicine.

Kimmie: Thank you so much for the pictures! Holy stinking cow! Hyrum is giant and looks so darn old! Don’t work too hard! Also, don’t too forget to send pictures when you finish!

Tyler: From that picture it seems that your spirit is no longer connected to your body. Or something.

Grandma Mooney: Your birthday sounded like it was kind of quiet! Just you and Mom. We all know you have at least seven more years. I love you!

Ryan: Someone here said in parts of Hong Kong they hold church services on days other than Sundays (in very special circumstances). Is that true?

I love everyone! Happy Easter!

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