Crazy, Crazy Week

The Lord has a way of shaking things up every time we start getting comfortable. We shared the family ward with another set of missionaries: Elder Jacobson and his companion. Elder Jacobson’s companion unexpectedly had to go home because of health issues. It came pretty unexpectedly, and, as everything else has on my mission, without a lot of notice. So, Thursday morning we drove him to the airport and since then Elder Jacobson has been in our companionship. So, I’m in a trio again. Surprise, surprise! So this week we have been learning how to cover three areas with one companionship. It is an adventure. On the plus side, we are always busy. Planning is incredibly easy. Plus, I really like Elder Jacobson. He is from Sugar City, Idaho. He has been out for 21 months, in other words, a few days longer than Elder Bernard and I.

Judy is definitely getting baptized on April 26th. I’m so excited for her. She is going to be so ready. She believes the church is true, she knows of God’s existence, however we found this week that she hasn’t really been reading the Book of Mormon. I love helping people grow to love the scriptures. Because they are so incredibly profound. If I have learned anything on my mission, I have learned how to feast upon the words of Christ. I have learned that there isn’t a word in The Book of Mormon or The Bible (when translated correctly) that was put there by accident.

On your missions, or just in life in general, what ways have any of you found effective to teach people to feast upon the words of Christ? To help the word become delicious unto them? Even for some of the greatest people I have taught in the past 8 months, brilliant and intellectual people, getting them to read the scriptures is like pulling teeth. And I will be honest, Mom and Dad, that is probably how you felt about me frequently. Our Bishop in the family ward has a statistic that he loves to share: The average college graduate in the United States of America reads 10 pages of scripture per year. 10 pages. That’s it. On my mission I read at least ten pages every day.

How do we teach people to love the word of God? What ways have you found to feast upon the words of Christ? (This question is open-ended for anyone, it’s not for anyone specifically. I’m trying to find tactics to help the people we are teaching)

This is something I’ve been trying to find the answer to for a couple of months. For me, throughout my life I have enjoyed scripture at some points. I think one of the largest components is created a habit of scripture study. When I worked for Kimmel Athletic, I began listening to the audio Book of Mormon every day during work instead of the radio, and that made the biggest difference for me. I loved Seminary and Institute and Religion courses at BYU-Idaho, but those are only crutches if you haven’t found ways to truly love the scriptures.

Anyway, we met with Judy again, gave her a giant timeline of the Book of Mormon, and went to dinner with her, her daughter, and Judy’s husband. Judy’s husband has been very uncomfortable with his daughter joining the church, and Judy was afraid to tell him she was getting baptized, so going to dinner with him was awesome. He’s a good man, and he will see the blessings that come into his wife’s life because of the church. Judy asked us what she could do next to prepare for her baptism. She is going to be a steadfast member of the church. I can’t wait until she goes to the temple.

We started teaching an awesome girl named Valerie. She was introduced to us by her friend Barbara, who was baptized about a year ago and Valerie wants to be baptized already. We had a sweet restoration lesson with her and she was in tears a couple of times. She spent most of her childhood with a life-threatening illness where she actually died twice and was in rehab for eight years of her life to learn how to live a normal life. She completely believes in the power of the priesthood and knows that God answers prayers because of her experiences from living a life in the hospital. Valerie is 17.

We had a lot of good happen this week.

Even though this week was crazy it was good.

Mom and Dad: It is so true. Even being in the mission field, it isn’t as easy to feel the spirit, but it requires you to carry the spirit with you since you aren’t always immersed in environments where the spirit is naturally present. I’m glad you fed the “missionaries” rice and beans. There is nothing more classic for Brazil. Also, Peter Fullmer has been ready to be a missionary probably since he learned to speak. He is a great kid and is going to be an incredible missionary. Also, 8 inches of rain? That is ridiculous! Even for the “rainy state” that is almost unheard of. It makes me wonder how much snow they have at Hurricane Ridge. I really hope Grandma and Grandpa are staying safe. It sounds like there has been a lot of tragedy because of the rain. Also, you should send pictures when you finish Kimmie and David’s basement. I didn’t even know they were planning on remodeling it nearly so soon. Hopefully everything financially works out for them.

Kimmie: WHAT IS YOUR BABY???? I’M DYING TO KNOW!!! Also, same thing I said to Mom and Dad about your house. Ditto.

Ryan: I am looking forward to when I return home and have the opportunity to go on splits with missionaries. I have realized on my mission how missionaries and home teachers have the same responsibility, home teachers just have a more specific area and assignment. And it is just as important. Also, I discovered that online resource at a few weeks ago. It is an inspired resource.

Michael: Happy Spring Break! Do you and Lacey ever see each other? I guess that’s what retirement and the eternities are for. =P One thing I love about California, which it sounds like is also true of Arizona is diversity. I love diversity of culture. Also, I read a fantastic article in some Ensign while I was waiting for someone at the mission office about teaching even our infants the gospel of Christ.

I love you! Fique Firme!

P.S. TYLER! You are in Japan (almost!) That is so exciting! The MTC was such a sacred experience for me. It built the foundation for my mission.

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