Transferred again

So, partway through last transfer I randomly got moved to another area in our stake for three days and then moved back. And NOW, I’m getting transferred today to the northern border of our mission, Whittier. It’s kind of weird because transfers are still two weeks away, but a missionary is going home from his mission two weeks early and his companion needed a new companion. I’m REALLY going to miss Cypress 1st Ward, but apparently the Lord has other things in store for me. I was a little bummed when I found out I was getting transferred, especially since this is the second time in this area I got transferred in the middle of a transfer. This one will be more permanent, though. My new companion was actually Elder Starr’s district leader in the MTC, Elder Bernard.

And yes, I did receive and complete all of that fingerprinting stuff. I forgot to tell you about it. You should receive something for it, probably in a month, and then you will need to send it off to the church. I will make sure I give you the address to mail it to. I don’t have it with me today.

I LOVE reading Tyler’s emails. It brings memories back ALL THE WAY from six months ago (just kidding… that wasn’t that long ago. I love that video, “Character of Christ”, by Elder Bednar. And I love Sister Nally. She is sweet. I talked to her a lot because I played a lot of musical numbers, in the departure fireside and things like that. She is way talented.

This Fast Sunday, we fasted for rain in California. We woke up in the morning to bright, sunny skies and walked outside to pouring rain after church. It was pretty crazy. It literally had not rained in months. For the first time on my mission, I got soaked as I walked to someone’s house. It was refreshing.

We went to the temple today. It was fantastic. We saw the “new” new video. To me, it really brought to life the story of Adam and Eve and helped me see it from their perspective… go to the temple when you get another chance. They just keep getting better and better. Also, Satan was incredible. He was really subtle… he never seemed quite “evil”, just deceptive, which I think is a really accurate representation of the way he tempts us.

I love everyone!

Here are a few more pictures, Mom. Also, thank you so much for the card. I really appreciated it. One thing I have really learned on my mission is how much I really love and appreciate the things you and Dad have done for us kids… especially the sacrifices you made so we could grow up to have solid testimonies and solid faith. I love you!

Also, thank you for the scripture case. I think I might have been confused at first. It just took me a little while to figure out what the extra space on the end was for, but I think I got it figured out.

Kyle photo 1

Kyle photo 2

Kyle photo 3

Kyle photo 4

Kyle photo 5


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