Ups and Downs

Tanasha got married!!! Holy cow! That’s awesome! I was just wondering this week when that was happening. You will have to send pictures!

I can’t believe Tyler is on his mission now! I can’t wait to hear his emails in a week when he finally gets to his first P-Day in the MTC. So exciting!

I got my scripture case… but I think it might be for the large set of scriptures (like yours) not the normal size. I’m not sure what to do with it. I really appreciate it, though! Also, I do know the Coffeys. That sounds awesome.

You might have to let Whitepanther [our cat] in your room to keep her quiet! She has had someone’s room to sleep in for the past 18 years.

So I hadn’t told you yet, but two weeks ago, the bike I was borrowing from a member was stolen, along with my companion Elder Garcia’s bike. The locks were gone and everything! We were at least glad that the petty criminals were at least being safe as they rode away, since our helmets were gone as well. So, I tried paying the members back for their bike, but they wouldn’t let me because the other matching bike they had like it got stolen as well, so they were just glad they were gone. Anyway, I had to go buy a bike on Wednesday, but it has a three month return policy, so if I get my visa within the next three months, I might just return it. Or sell it to the mission office as a loaner bike.

This week has been a little rough. Us missionaries can’t even contact the Lucero family anymore. The father in the family called his home teacher and talked to him for a long time about how the missionaries have been pushing his family too hard to get baptized. His home teacher thinks that his wife was trying to get him to go to church and he wasn’t comfortable with the pressure from his family to be better. It was just frustrating because of how sensitive we have been while teaching them and how ready they are to be baptized. The primary and relief society have been trying to stay in contact with them, and we are praying that they will still be able to progress. We also had a bunch of lessons fall through, just like we did last week.

Despite all of that, we have still had a lot of faith building experiences. We taught a whole bunch of teenage girls that actually seem pretty interested. At first, they seemed like they were just interested in us (I’m not sure why), but once we began teaching them about the Book of Mormon, they became sincerely interested. We are also teaching a boy from Korea who is staying with his uncle, who lives in our ward.

I’m out of time, but I love you all!

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