Finding and Blessings

Another week, and I’m feeling much better. Elder Miller, Garcia and I were pretty miserably sick Last Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We all had slightly different illnesses, but just like Dad, I was so stuffed up and congested that I couldn’t even think and my companion was having a lot of trouble eating, but just like I said, we feel loads better.

The first half of our week was spent being sick. It was really a challenge to work effectively, but the second half of the week was much better. We have been teaching a part-member family that is awesome. They are scheduled to get baptized this Saturday, but the inactive member, their Dad, is worried that things are progressing too fast. He didn’t even take off work this Saturday, and it is really bothering his wife, because she wants his support. They might delay it for another week so he will hopefully feel more comfortable. They are fantastic.

We have also been focusing more on finding. We got a little complacent and hadn’t been contacting enough people. As we reapplied ourselves we immediately saw the blessings. We made a goal one day to contact just one more person than the previous day. As we were riding home, we were sitting at the same number of contacts as the previous day. About 50 feet before we got to our apartment, we passed a man walking down the street. We greeted him and he asked me how I was doing. I told him, “I’m doing great!” This man, named Gabriel, then asked me, “Why are you so great?” to which I replied, “I’m doing the work of the Lord.” Immediately, Gabriel’s face lit up. He then compared us to the Three Wise Men from the Bible, and told us how his entire life, he had been searching for a source of comfort and strength, but nothing he had turned to had shown any results. He said, “God must be having a slow night. I just left Taco Bell, and as I walked, I prayed to God to deliver me from my addiction. I have been clean for years, until three weeks ago when I succumbed again. You are the answer to my prayer. How can you help me?” We eagerly shared a copy of the Book of Mormon with Gabriel. He told us nothing he had ever received before had ever worked. We promised that this book would make all the difference. Then he said, “I know. This book has already answered my prayers. I’m going to read it tonight.” Because we made a goal to contact just one more person than the day before, this man’s life was blessed. Our other contacts the rest of the day were fairly average… no one was interested. But, as our mission president would say, “God works in 4th Quarter Miracles”.

I am SO excited for Tyler to leave for the MTC. I can’t believe that 9 days from now Tyler will be on his mission. Time flies, or as Jacob would says, Time passed by as if it were a dream. Adelaide and Hyrum will be old by the time Tyler and I return. As for stories, Tyler, you can use the one I just shared, or you can look through my other emails and use one I’ve already shared. Hopefully I’ve shared SOMETHING of substance in the past six months. Also, as you prepare to leave on your mission, never forget that you are about to begin the greatest, most disappointing, and by far most rewarding work of your life thus far. And Mom, I would suggest, a few general pictures of home, a few pictures of snow, pictures of family…. and whatever else you want.

Lacey: Our companionship taught Gospel Principles AND Elders Quorum last week, and both lessons were about the nature of Heavenly Father. I loved it. It’s amazing how we can learn from the simple principles of the Gospel for our entire life. Also, you sound like you are just getting busier and busier! It’s exciting that you are manager, and the interior design blog sounds awesome! Don’t get too lonely! If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t seen Adelaide in six months 😉

Mom and Dad, you better get ready to be empty nesters! It will just be you two and Grandma!

I love everyone! This week sure sounds better than last week! Fique Firme!


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