Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I love you all!

I loved talking to everyone on Christmas. It was awesome to “hang out” with everyone. Yeah, every mission is different. Our mission only lets us call for 40 minutes. I’m not quite sure what I would say for two or even three hours! The rest of Christmas was great. We went to the stake center, watched a mission slideshow, and watched Ephraim’s Rescue. It was okay… I liked 17 Miracles better, though.

Yes, I got both packages, Mom. Thank you SO much. My companions love the candy. We’ve gotten SO MUCH candy during Christmas. It’s ridiculous. I loved all the pictures. Christmas here was sunny and 85 degrees, so the pictures of snow were a relief. The best part by far, though, are the new scriptures. They are beautiful. I don’t have a case, though, so I’m trying to keep them safe. If you haven’t sent the package yet and you are able to find a scripture case, maybe you can put one in it. If not, though, it’s fine.

Lacey told me about everything that is for sure happening this year. I can’t believe it… it’s crazy how much we know is going to happen in just one year.

I’m not sure what else happened this week. A lot of our appointments fell through this week. It was kind of a bummer. Two of our investigators came to church and we are doing service with two other investigators tomorrow. No one in our companionship got transferred, so we will be together for another transfer. A lot of really good things are falling in to place to happen this transfer. It will go by super fast.

I emailed at the family history center today. It was really loud and distracting and other people are waiting for the computer so I’ll email more next week.

I love everyone! Tell Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz I love them!

Also, do you know what Jon and Tami’s plans are after he retires from the army?

Christmas Caroling
This picture is from one of the other Elders. He’s the one in the Santa hat. We had gone caroling.


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