Veteran’s Day

Minha família! Te amo!!!

I love being on a mission. Everything is so good. The world seems so foreign. My daily life even just six months ago seems so far away and strange to me.

We had a Zone Blitz on Thursday. That means our entire zone, 24 missionaries, came and worked in our area. Usually we do a blitz in the areas that need the most help, but this time the zone leaders decided to do a blitz in the most productive area because there are so many people who are prepared to listen to the Gospel. We set nine appointments for 6:30 PM on Thursday and had nine members come out with us. It was incredible. We created lesson plans for all of the people to be taught and then gave each temporary companionship information on these people so they could personally create a lesson for the people they would be teaching. PLANNING + MEMBERS = MIRACLES.
It was an extremely unique experience that I probably won’t have again anytime soon.

We are helping Valleri the courage to take Sundays off so she can come to church. Her work is TERRIBLE. She took a double shift on Friday night through Saturday and they promised her she would have Sunday off. She did her double shift, but they held her 22 hours instead of 16… she worked from 10:00 Friday night to 8:00 Saturday night… and then they told her to come in Sunday Morning. After weeks of trying to get to church so she could be baptized and trying to bring her family to church and trying to spend time with her family in general and getting to hours of sleep a night… she was physically, mentally, and emotionally beat. I felt like we should visit her Saturday night before church but I kept ignoring the feeling. Eventually it was too strong to ignore and we went over to her house even though we were convinced she would be asleep. She was awake and when she saw us she burst into tears. She felt like nothing in her life was going right. Like you said, Dad, she felt like no good deed went unpunished. She felt the spirit as we talked to her. She will be baptized next weekend.

Mom and Dad, I’m glad you were able to make it to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. That was a miracle in itself. I am always praying for them and for you.

They cut our time short since today is Veterans’ Day and all of the libraries are closed. I love everyone!!!

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