Miracles of the Week

Happy Birthday, MOM!!!

First of all, I have to say I am pretty impressed by your Halloween decorating, Tyler. Holy cow! No one was kidding when they said it was the scariest house on the block. The cobwebs and blood definitely made all the difference. Did you repaint the tombstones? How did you make the apple look so awesome? If you can’t tell, I’m impressed. Also I love how it looks like that guy dragged himself up there and died in the chair. And I’m pretty sure having a “giant” at the front door just sealed the deal.

Valleri should be getting baptized next Sunday.

Miracles of the week:
After we got kicked out of Kathleen’s house, we tried all of our backups to no avail. We went and sat on the curb and prayed so we could figure out where we needed to be. After our prayer, we looked in our planners and found someone named Jacquel. None of us could remember who she was, but she lived less than 100 yards from where we were sitting, so we walked over to her apartment. We knock on her door and she FLINGS the door open, pretty much pulls us inside, and tells us how excited she is that we are there. She sits us down, introduces us to her five children, and tells us we can stay for dinner if we want. Her walls had faith quotes and a picture of Christ and tons of pictures of her family. At this point, I leaned over to Elder Bledsoe and asked “Is this a member?” She is amazing. As she cooked some healthy soul food, we talked to her about the Gospel. We then taught her later and she is so excited to get baptized! She came to church on Sunday, and after sacrament meeting she was talking to a girl in our ward about her experience and she said that is when she realized “This is the church for me.” I am so excited for her. The only bummer is that she is moving in to another ward in about a month because she needs more room for her kids. We are going to coordinate really well with the other ward so she has friends in the other ward to help her.

Also, we followed another prompting to visit a less active member named Sister Bryan. Her daughter, named Fatou (Pronounced FAH-TWO), told us she wanted to get baptized. So we helped reactivate her Mom and Fatou was baptized on Saturday! Woo-hoo! I had the opportunity to baptize her. She is going to be an awesome missionary someday. Even better, we got her Muslim father to sit in on a lesson, and he bore testimony to her of the miracles God has wrought in her life. After that, we had her tell her Dad what it means to be baptized and he was blown away at his daughter’s knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m out of time, but I love you all!!! Kimmie, Hyrum is SO STINKIN’ CUTE! I can’t believe he is almost old enough for nursery already! Lacey, you should send a picture of Adelaide! What did you do for Halloween!

I miss everyone! I know that God is real. His hand is everywhere in our lives.

I am praying for Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz everyday.

The first picture is from Fatou’s baptism.

The second picture is from a member’s apartment rooftop in Long Beach. You can see LA waaaay off in the distance in the top left. I was going to take a picture facing the other direction, but my camera died. As you can tell, it doesn’t really seem like Fall. They have an awesome view of downtown Long Beach and the ocean.


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