Focus on Miracles

Even though you are saying it’s Fall now, I’m not so sure! It is supposed to be 89 degrees on Wednesday. It is getting cooler here, though. It even rained once! That is the first time I have seen it rain since I have been in Long Beach.
Mom, don’t worry. My hand is fine. I played at the departure fireside for all of the missionaries going home, so it’s definitely not stopping me from playing the piano. And the living room looks completely different from when I left. I’ve never seen so many rocking chairs in one place!

One of the goals of our zone this transfer is to focus on miracles. As we make an effort to notice the hand of God in our life, miracles become the natural product of our faith and works. Miracles are everywhere. And as we notice them, they motivate us to be more faithful, to be more diligent. I’ll share just one example from this week.

On Tuesday, as we went to our first appointment, we met a woman in front of an apartment complex who was named Kathleen. She told us before we even began our lesson that we were going to make her cry. We sang, as we have made it a goal, a hymn at the beginning of the lesson. As we sang the words of “O My Father”, she began to weep. O My Father is nowhere to be found in any of the lessons we “traditionally” teach, but she could feel the truth and divinity of the Restored Gospel before we even opened the scriptures. Hymns have a sacred power to invite the spirit and push the world away. Because of that spiritual experience, she immersed herself in The Book of Mormon, reading over 30 pages and comparing it to the Bible before we even contacted her the next day. She brought her entire family to church with her on Sunday so they could share with her the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her testimony is evidence to me that the spirit converts, that God prepares people and our finding them depends upon our diligence and ability to listen to the promptings of the spirit.

I love being out here. My new companion, Elder Bledsoe, is fantastic. He has been out 20 months, so he has learned a lot that he is sharing with us.
Our email time was cut short today, so I have to go. I love everyone!!!


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