Gerard, Car doors and Urgent Care

Gerard was baptized on Sunday!!!!!

Gerard is the one that just walked up to us after a lesson with someone and asked how he could be baptized. His story is really evidence to me that we are really only tools in God’s hands. If we are doing everything he asks us as missionaries, he will be able to lead the prepared people to us. He asked our Bishop (Bishop Solomon) to baptize him. And I promise Gerard was happy, even ecstatic. Some people just don’t smile for pictures. 
Also, Satan was definitely trying his utmost to keep Gerard from getting baptized. At the beginning of the week, we got a text from Gerard’s friend saying he decided not to get baptized. We were confused and immediately went and talked to Gerard. Apparently his family told them they would disown him if he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We helped Gerard to see that turning toward Christ could only help his family, and when he saw that, there was nothing that could turn him back. His family eventually forgave him and he invited them to the baptism. Then, late Saturday night, we got a text from Gerard saying he had a family emergency. He had to rush his girlfriend to the hospital and was there all night long. He didn’t even sleep before church, but he still came because he didn’t want to delay his baptism, and his girlfriend, who is Sarah (the girl that thought she knew Kimmie), came too. 
By the way, you might have noticed my hand is all wrapped up. We were riding down a hill to an appointment and some lady opened her car door. According to Elder Coen, I did a pretty awesome double flip in the air before I combat rolled down the hill. The mission nurse had me go to an urgent care center. The doctor there swore my hand was broken. She said she could feel the bone sticking through the tissue in my hand, but after looking at the x-rays, she was shocked because all the bones in my hand were perfectly fine. That probably would have been a good opportunity to tell her that God works miracles and invite her to church, but I must not have been thinking straight after hitting my head during the crash. I’m fine now, I just have to keep my hand wrapped for a couple of weeks to hold the tissue together that needs to rebuild in my hand. 
Last but not least, since my time is up, I just need to say that there is nothing better than seeing the friends we teach realize for themselves that everything we tell them is true. Their lives have a purpose that was never there before. A purpose that motivates them to stop drinking and smoking and everything else that the world tries convincing us is appealing. Also, God works in mysterious ways. For example, on Saturday, we had 7 lessons set up and members were supposed to come with us to 5 of them, and ALL of our lessons AND members cancelled except one. We were pretty miserable, especially since we had to walk everywhere since my bike is out of commission. However, the one lesson that didn’t cancel ended up being with a girl who was suffering with severe depression, and the one member that ended up coming out was a member of the relief society presidency who was suffering with severe depression and suicidal tendencies before she was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That was no accident, and we would not have called that member unless we had those seven appointments set up that we wanted members at. I’m quickly being convinced that coincidences are really God’s plans being fulfilled without us knowing. 
I love everyone’s emails! I wish I had more time to respond to what everyone said.


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