Miracles are Real

So… sad news. Krystal decided not to get baptized. It was really frustrating because she was literally doing everything she needed to do to get baptized EXCEPT for sincerely reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. We’ve done everything we can for her. It’s really hard to see people make decisions that push them away from God when they are SO close to so many blessings.

On the upside, Malcolm is really progressing. We committed him to stop smoking cigarettes and he should be getting baptized on Sunday. As he has come closer to his Heavenly Father he has really gained purpose in his life. When we met him, he had no job and wasn’t going to school. Now he told us that he’s been applying to schools so he can start moving his life forward. We are teaching his friend/neighbor, David, as well.

I played the organ on Sunday. WOOT! It was so great to be able to play again. My goal was to wake up our congregation. Our ward is really tiny. I don’t even think we average 100 people every Sunday, and the majority of them are at least 75. The other organist struggles a bit and people have literally started laughing during the hymns at the sounds coming out of the organ. My goal was to wake everyone up, and I think it worked. I could at least hear some people singing by the third hymn. We had so many investigators at church on Sunday! It was fantastic. Our companionship brought 6 investigators to church and some of them even brought family. This past Sunday 18 out of the probably 65 people at church were non-members. Miracles are real.

We have really been working hard to improve our relationship with our Ward Mission Leader. All the missionaries in our ward met with him and the Bishop, and ever since then he has seemed to really changed his attitude. I’ve been trying to be as loving as I possibly can to him, but one of the missionaries in our ward was really mad at him and wasn’t doing anything to fix that relationship. We are also working with the Bishop to get the members more excited about missionary work. Having so many missionaries in one ward is a blessing and a curse.

Tyler- I’m jealous that your visa process is so much simpler! So far 4/12 of my MTC district members have their visas.

Grandma Mooney- We are definitely getting fed by the members! Even with seven missionaries in one small ward, we have dinner at someone’s house most nights of the week. It sounds like you are doing a great job of inviting people over as well. What is the return missionaries name?

Kimmie and David- You’re in the PTSA? That’s awesome. When I get back home I definitely want to get more involved at BYU-Idaho in volunteer/leadership clubs. I’ve definitely seen how God can lift me up while I have been out here. There are a lot of things that I didn’t know if I was capable of, but if I try my hardest and put forth my best effort, God always fills in the rest.

Lacey- Don’t worry! We have been doing everything we can to have a good relationship with the ward (and to forgive people when they do stuff that seems weird). Good luck in Arizona!

Mom and Dad- When is the last time Dad has spent more than one night in Spokane? It seems like he has been on the road since I left. It sounds like Grandma and Grandpa really have been in need of his help, though. I’m praying for Grandma and Grandpa. It doesn’t sound like Grandpa can get a break! Things just keep happening. It’s crazy that school has started back up already. Good luck at work!

I love everyone! And I love being out here. It’s really hard, but it is so worth it. It is incredible to see how God can change people’s lives if they allow it to.

P.S. I’m looking forward to the package. Since it went to the mission office, I probably won’t get it until our Zone meeting on Thursday. But I’m excited for some homemade blackberry jam!

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