Still Waiting….

FAMILIA!!!! (I know that was supposed to have an accent, but you can’t change the language on the computers I’m using)

I do NOT have my reassignment yet. We were hoping to get them yesterday, and if we get them today I will get back on the email and tell you where I am going. There are four districts in the MTC that are going to Brazil this week (that I know of), and no one has their reassignments left, so we don’t feel too bad. However, one of our Zone Leaders got his visa and Sister Green in our district got her visa. She is excited, but nervous! She was also really surprised, because when she got her mission call she had a really strong feeling that she needed to serve stateside. She is leaving Monday for Brazil and her companion, Sister Larson, is leaving Monday to have surgery.

I saw Elder Rogers, Elder Larson, and SISTER HANSEN!!! I was so excited to see everyone. I wanted to get a picture with Sister Hansen, but she was still getting oriented for the MTC and I was hosting another missionary (which means I welcome them and help them get everything they need for the MTC, show them their residence and classroom, etc). I’ve seen Elder Rogers a bunch, but I hope I see Sister Hansen and Elder Larson again before I leave. Sister Larson is going to be incredible in Finland. Maybe Elder Larson will run in to Aunt Cheryl in Reno!

Yesterday we had “in-field orientation” all day, which was really, really good. One of the teachers for it served in Taiwan the same years as Lacey, but I don’t remember his name (sorry!). Another one of the teachers was a missionary from “The District”, so it was really cool to see his perspective on what every missionary had watched him do. At in-field orientation, we pretty much just applied all of the things we have learned here. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday, our devotional speaker was Vai Sikahema. He played for BYU and got the last touch down for BYU in a miracle. He also played for the Green Bay Packers, the Cardinals, and Eagles. For the past 20 years he has been a sports anchor for NBC in Philadelphia and has covered the Olympic games for that time. He talked a lot about how easy it is to share the gospel and why it is essential for everyone to have in their lives. It was fantastic.

I love my district SO MUCH. I’m going to miss them, so I hope at least some of us get reassigned to the same missions. I’m kind of guessing I’ll get somewhere like Pocatello, ID.
Grandpa’s story of recovery (and not needing surgery) is really neat testament of the power of priesthood blessings. We’ve already given a handful of blessings and those blessings have really helped to build my testimony of the power of the priesthood (and that God speaks to us!).

Dad- Elder Palmer’s Dad (who works at the Post Office) is your same age and majored in Economics at BYU. I wonder if you knew each other in college. I guess he started working at the Post Office a few years ago but worked in Economics for the rest of his career (I think for an Insurance company). Also, that is a LOT of driving. You probably don’t want to get in a car for a while now. Especially since that is a lot of driving on your own.

Mom- Yes, I write in my journal everyday now. I love writing in my journal. It helps me get to know myself better and gives me time during the day that I can have for myself. I’m really grateful for journals now, even though I’ve already written more in my journal here than the rest of my life combined. Also, my testimony of prayer has grown so much here at the MTC. I love praying. It helps me grow so much. Also, yes, I saw the new video. I loved it. It really brings a new aspect of realism and emotion that I didn’t even realize was missing before.

Lacey- You’re in Arizona! Michael has started school! Life is so exciting! It must be nice to be close to Spencer and Liz… I feel like we’ve always lived a long way away from them so it must be nice to have them right there. And I’m glad Michael is loving school.

Kimmie- So, I’ll just say I’m a sinner. I STILL haven’t sent your letter. So I’ll really try to get it sent today or tomorrow…. if I don’t get it sent then, I’ll send it from where I am next. I loved going to the Provo temple. I was here for six weeks, but because of construction at the temple we were only able to go once. I hope I will have lots of opportunities to go in the next two years, but our mission boundaries just got a lot smaller, and the temple is definitely out of our mission.

Isaac- Studying portuguese for hours a day definitely helps. Plus we have countless resources here to help us learn and we will soon be forced to speak it pretty much all the time. That’s so exciting that you got a house! You need to send pictures after you get everything moved it. That will be so nice to not have people all around you.

Ryan- It sounds like you had a great opportunity to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz. I’m a little jealous! Also, I will definitely be looking for opportunities to study portuguese wherever I can. Thankfully I’ll still have an hour of language study wherever I am, so that will help a lot. Also, hopefully my companion will be willing to help me even though they don’t know portuguese.

Tyler- I love that Mission Prep class. Literally, nothing at home helped prepare me more in the months before my mission than that class and nothing comes closer to how the MTC is than that class. I’m SO excited to find out where you are going.

Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz- Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! I am so glad that Grandpa is doing better. It sounds like you two have had a tough couple of weeks, with Grandpa in the hospital, and Arvy passing away. I’ve been praying for you everyday. I’m so grateful that we could go over to your house every month or so before I left. Hopefully when I get back (or soon afterward), we’ll be able to see you everyday. The landscaping at the MTC is really colorful, and there is one tree that smells like cotton candy, and everyone has to smell the tree before they leave.

Grandma Mooney- Our family is always growing! It’s good to hear about everything that’s happening in our family. We have had a couple of big storms here in Utah. It’s funny to think we were in the same storm! I love you!!!

I should be able to send a short email saying where I am being reassigned to later today. If not, I guess you will find out next week!

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