Another week is gone! I honestly cannot believe how quickly the weeks go by here. I only have one P-Day left at the MTC and we receive our reassignments (since we don’t have our visas yet) next Thursday. I’m going to miss everyone in my district and my teachers so much.

I’m so sad that not everyone had an opportunity to email or send a letter this week, especially since it sounds like there is so much going on!!! I understand everyone is probably busy, though. I’m praying for Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz. I really hope Grandpa makes a full recovery.

Mom- I’m glad you and Ryan were able to go over to Stanwood and help them for a little while. How long are you going to be there?

Kimmie- Do you know Lon B. Nally? He was the Mission President for the Australia Perth mission, but I’m not sure when. He is the President of the MTC right now. Also, I promise I have responded to your letter. I just need to get it in the mail!

Lacey- You are moving to Arizona. How exciting! Have you found a place to live yet? You are probably so excited to see Michael.

On Thursday, Richard G. Scott (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) spoke at our devotional. It was such an incredible devotional. They broadcast that devotional live to all of the MTCs in the world, which meant some people were watching it really late at night, like those in the South Africa MTC. So now I can say I sang in a choir of 900 people in a worldwide broadcast with an apostle. Richard G. Scott talked about how essential prayer is in our lives. He talked about the three general types of answers to prayer, which are: peace comfort, and confidence (which assure your answer is right), a “stupor of thought”, which means no, and no response, which he says is the most important. He said that when an answer is withheld, it means that God trusts us and that we should thank God in these situations for the opportunity for our trust in him to grow. He also said that answers to our prayer seldom come when we are on our knees praying, but at later times when God knows it will help us grow the most.

Yesterday, Elder Stevens and I taught one of our investigators, Vera. We’ve taught her six or seven times already, but yesterday was different. We had already taught her the first three lessons and talked to her about why she needed to get married to her “husband”, Paulo, and she really had seemed to be growing and learning. She loved our visits and we committed her to be baptized at the end of our first meeting with her. However, we got caught a little off guard and didn’t have much time to plan our lesson, so we went in a little less prepared then we normally were. That meant we had to rely on the spirit and really listen to Vera’s needs (which we should have been doing before, DUH). As we read some verses from Alma 40 with her that she was having trouble understanding, we realized that because we weren’t really paying close enough attention to her needs in previous lessons, she was struggling. So we retaught the atonement and at the end of our lesson she was happier than I had ever seen her before. It is incredible to watch as someone begins to understand why they need the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their life. I just wish we could have focused more on her before and less on trying to speak perfect Portuguese. It was also our first lesson going in without any materials other than our scriptures. I don’t think I ever want to bring anything else into a lesson again if they are going to distract me from what matters most.

I don’t really think I have any other news this week. We get to go to the temple today (Hallelujah). It has been closed for the past five weeks, but we should be able to go again next Friday as well. This Sunday, I’m accompanying my companion Elder Stevens and Sister Larson in sacrament meeting. They are singing a duet of “I Know that My Redeemer Lives”. I’m so grateful I’ve had so many opportunities to play the piano so far. I thjnk Elder Tagg might play violin later today, too, if we have time, so I’ll probably play with him.

I love everyone! And I’m praying for everyone. I feel like my family is spread all over the United States right now, with Mom In Stanwood, Ryan leaving for California, Tyler in Spokane, Grandma Mooney in Utah, Dad in Arizona with Lacey, and of course Isaac in North Carolina. At least Kimmie is only fifteen minutes away.

Please send me mail! Or email! Or Dear Elders! I’m dying to hear from everyone.


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