I finally got a chance to send pictures, but our emails only allow us to send 15 MB of pictures, which for me is three pictures… so that is all you’re going to get for this week! All three pictures are of our district, the first picture includes our teachers, Irmao James and Irma Dangerfield, who are on the left and right side of the picture, respectively.

District with Teachers

District with Teachers

From Left to Right Back: Elder Kennedy and Elder Tagg, Elder Blake and Elder Palmer, Elder Stevens and Elder Ence, Elder Madsen (me!) and Elder Huch Front: Sister Phillips and Sister Thompson, Sister Larson and Sister Green.

From Left to Right
Back: Elder Kennedy and Elder Tagg, Elder Blake and Elder Palmer, Elder Stevens and Elder Ence, Elder Madsen, Elder Huch
Front: Sister Phillips and Sister Thompson, Sister Larson and Sister Green.

The members of our district (District 54E), are, from left to right: Elder Kennedy and Elder Tagg, Elder Blake and Elder Palmer, Elder Stevens and Elder Ence, Elder Madsen (me!) and Elder Huch, Sister Phillips and Sister Thompson, and Sister Larson and Sister Green.

Elder Kennedy is from Portland but he lived for most of his life in Sandpoint, ID. He is an amazing beatboxer. He wants to try out for Vocal Point when he gets back from his mission.

Elder Tagg is from Maryland. His Dad is an army doctor, one of only three of that type of doctor in the Army. He lived in Korea for a few years. Elder Tagg is hilarious. He is amazing at the violin, so we have played together a few times on P-days.

Elder Blake is from Blanding, Utah, a town of 8,000 people, and he is definitely from small-town Utah. He just graduated. He plays football and slow-pitch softball and lives on about 2,000 acres.

Elder Palmer is from Spokane…. North Stake! And somehow we didn’t really know each other. I know his older brother from Single’s Ward. He went to Mead, ran cross country, and has done a paper route since he was thirteen, so he has enjoyed sleeping in until 6:30.

Elder Stevens is from Suwanee, Georgia. He just graduated. He likes to sing, play basketball, and he played football his Freshman year of high school. Even though he grew up in Mississippi and Georgia, he escaped without an accent. His family has two sets of twins in family! He has a twin sister.

Elder Ence is from Fairview, Utah. He has seven siblings. Every single kid in his family has the exact same shade of white-blonde hair, but neither of his parents have blonde hair…. which I don’t really understand. He received his visa and is in Brazil now.

Elder Madsen is me. Hopefully you already know about me.

Elder Huch is from Chicago, Illinois. He ran track for BYU and as I said before, he is crazy fast. He also plays the piano. He was my companion for the first three weeks here, but he also got his visa.

Sister Phillips is from Tri-Cities, WA (Kennewick, technically). She says Tri-cities is better than Spokane, but someday she will admit the truth that Spokane is far superior. She did dance in high school.

Sister Thompson is from Bellingham, I think. Or Bellevue… I think Bellingham. Anyway, she is awesome. Sister Thompson has been super sick ever since she got here. She has strep throat, pneumonia, a sinus infection…. needless to say she has been taking a LOT of medicine and had to spend all of yesterday in bed.

Sister Larson is from Chico, CA. She is a great singer and loves animals. Last week she dislocated her shoulder. When she went to the doctor she found out that not only does she need shoulder surgery, she is mostly deaf and will need to get hearing aids. She will return home after her stay at the MTC to recover from surgery, but will go straight to Brazil after she recovers. She will be on medical leave, so her time home won’t count as part of her 18 months. She was shocked when she found out she would have to return home, but she has been very optimistic and isn’t giving up on her mision!

Sister Green is from Boulder, CO. She is only 4’10”! She did gymnastics in high school. Sister Green is always so happy and energetic.

I love everyone in our district. I’m sorry if that was really long and boring, but I love all of these people like famly. They are so great!

Mom- Our branch is getting smaller now… they just turned two Spanish branches into portuguese branches, so we won’t be getting anyone new in ours for a while. Our exercise time everyday except today is usually in the afternoon or evening. We have exercise time everyday except for Sunday. I’m kind of jealous that you are going to Grandma and Grandpa Koetitz’s. Is Grandma Mooney going with you? How do you know where you are moving Lacey’s things if they haven’t found a place to live yet? I’m praying for them to find housing.

Dad- I think I just got shin splints from running. Brother Schupp probably felt terrible! That doesn’t exactly sound like “touch” football. Did you use Google Translate a lot for your call or could you understand most of the French in the conference call?

Lacey- The shed is officially done? That’s exciting. Has it been painted yet? That tool belt was a little big for me… it was probably just sitting on the ground for Adelaide. I can’t believe I’m not going to see her until she is three years old! I guess she’s getting a head start on nursery if she’s already going to primary! I’m praying for you and Michael. I hope you can find a place to live!

Tyler- I can’t believe Sister Robinson just got a new companion… it’s been like two months! Speaking of living close to the MTC, Elder Palmer can see his cousin’s house from the MTC. They sent him cookies that were still warm when he got them. I’m so excited you are done with your papers! Hopefully you get your call before I’m done at the MTC.

Grandma Mooney- Is Spencer James going to be Spencer Jr, then?

It sounds like my niece and nephew are growing up without me! Thank you for all your words of wisdom. I love you!!!

I love the MTC. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord for two years as a full-time missionary. It isn’t easy, but it is so worth it. I love all of you!

District Temple Day

District Temple Day


4 thoughts on “Pictures…finally!

  1. Kyle! There are no words that can describe how mucj I miss you! I’m glad to hear that you are really enjoying this experience and I hope God blesses you the entire time and helps you to show his love to everyone 🙂 I love reading your blog and seeing all your pics 🙂 justin and I can’t wait to be reunited with you again 🙂 let me know when we can send you letters and what the address is!

    • Bethany,
      We have Kyle’s physical address and email address listed on the left of this blog. If you don’t see it, let me know. Thanks so much for following him on his mission. He love the support.

  2. I am Elder Tagg’s Mom Kelly! I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Kyle is a good letter writer and so informative. Nathan (our son) is quite the opposite. A great kid, but not a writer. We are thankful that he is with such a great group of missionaries and that he has been able to play his violin with Elder Madsen. What a blessing. Good luck on the visa front. We are all praying for that for sure. Our consulate is in DC I wonder if the same situation applies to us? Best wishes!

    • Wonderful to meet you Kelly! Kyle thinks so highly of all his companions and his district. It’s a pleasure (and a comfort to his mother) to know he is serving with such wonderful Elders and Sisters.

      The Missionary travel office has gotten so many “mom calls” lately that they have updated their site. It says “Brazil is currently experiencing some visa delays. Please do not call the Travel Office. You will be contacted if necessary.”

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