And it came to pass…

Oi! Como está?

The MTC is truly an incredible experience! It compares to nothing else in the world. Already I have seen Sister Colvin, Elder Hardy, and Sister Norris. Elder Starr and I are in the same branch, but not in the same district. Sister Colvin told me that 4 sisters in her district already got their visas and left immediately for Brazil.

My companion is Elder Huch. He is from Chicago and loves track and cross country. He ran for BYU as a freshman and ran 80 miles/week before the mission. He plays the piano too! Our rooms (called residences) are only built for four people, but our room has six, so we have to get creative with closets since there are only four. They crammed six bunk beds in our residence.

Our teacher is Sister Dangerfield. She is fantastic. Her energy is so contagious. I’m having a little difficulty mixing up French and Portuguese. I swear I’m better at French now than I ever was in high school. It helps too, though. I recognize a lot of words in context and even though Sister Dangerfield hasn’t said a word to us in English, I can comprehend everything she says. That being said, I can’t really say anything yet.

Tonight we (all the new missionaries) met with “investigators” in large groups. You can definitely see the value of studying Preach My Gospel and scripture mastery. Our last investigator was Halie Naza from Guatemala. The only difference between her and the other two is that she is real. She moved to Provo from Guatemala and came to the MTC because she noticed the people here know a lot about God. She grew up in war-torn Guatemala and her mother left her when she was six. She started going to Mass on her own when she was seven so she could feel God’s presence in her life. The Spirit in that room was real and her testimony is rock-solid.

p.s. Nobody told me not to drink the MTC orange juice… my anti-diarrhea pills might come in handy!


Elder Madsen

p.p.s. I think I left my purple hair gel. Can you send it?

p.p.p.s. Send my Portuguese-English pictorial dictionary.